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Discussion in 'Car Stereo Speakers' started by customg6, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. customg6

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    i want to replace my stock speakers and need some good ideas i wanted to do a full pioneer system but as soon as i find the subs im looking for a pair of pioneer tsw 3002d4s. i have a hifonics 2000 watt amd which is stable at 1 ohm already just need the subs. but what i need help with is speakers. i was thinking components up front and just beter than stock 6x9s in the back. and ideas will greatly help
  2. pedro quiroga

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    im not sure i understand what your asking. you want pioneer speakers, so buy some pioneer speakers.

    if your car has factory tweeters then go for a component set, if not then a coaxial set will work.
  3. ct08suz

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    6x9 in back will be ok with componet in front. Had that set and it tuned good.