For Those Whom Need Licesend Dealer. Cadence

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  1. jstutman

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    i recieved some quotes from a local friend whom is licensed dealer for cadence, his prices are fucking outstanding. He is able to do this becuase he is not selling them online, instead he will process it as a in store purchase. give me a few for him to quote me with prices on all the top 10 amps. Also im doing this cause i know that sandt and some others lost there contact. it aint me selling these cause i myself am trying to get a couple of amps. Then im off to get a brahma and kudos from my pal sandt. just thought i would throw this here if anyone needed to purchase anything.
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    Just a FYI.. He should invoice the Product at FULL RETAIL prices, even if he does not charge you that.. then you can charge what ever you want
    if someone buys from you at a discount rate, then for what ever reason need service and sends it to Cadence is a Discounted invoice that is where the Hot Water Insues

    that is what Happened to me, a Customer Sent cadence their amp instead of going through me, they seen the price sold was only a few dollars above dealer list and all hell broke lose

    had the customer sent the amp to me, I would probally still be selling online to this day
  3. jstutman

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    how do they know which drop ship vendor sold it? is the amps serialized? i dont remember seing on on my z9000 at all.
  4. The_Ancient

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    they use to be...

    If I remember right they were on the Bottom,
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    So thats the story?


  6. The_Ancient

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    well I got 2 Stories one from Cadence one from my Distibutor...

    Infact my Sales Rep from the Distibutor called me 5 days before it all went down and warned me he had to cut off a few of my competitors and that I should be careful shipping to NJ address's because cadence was Buying from Online Dealers for the Sole Purpose to Tracking the Sales and Cuting them off.... :rolleyes:


    the story from my Distibutor is the one I outlined above

    the Story I got from ther CEO of Cadence who I talked to for about 2 hours on the phone after my Distibutor gave me the bad news was that a Customer called in to "varify they had a warranty" and that is when the Customer Service people asked for the Serial Number and Dealer name, and Price.... (why the price was important to that I dont know ;) )

    Then he also proceeded to tell me that My Return Rates were too High and that is why they Cust me off :rolleyes: Hmmm $15,000 a Month in Cadence amps alone for almost 18mos and I had 3 Defects.... Yea my Return rates were high :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  7. jstutman

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    well even if you did have a high return rate. it would not explain why you would get shut off. its not the the seller makes them break. and return rate pffft wtf is that, i have abused the crap out of my z9000 and it hasent even glitched. i did mod it tho and add a fan with more cfms to it. i mean it never got ungodly hot in the first place but a little more cooling cant hurt.
  8. The_Ancient

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    well you have to remember Legally he can not cut me off for selling too cheap, which was the sole reason because 1.5 hours of our 2 hour converstation was about prices ;)

    But if he would have said that he would be in Violation of just avout every anti-trust law on the books.....

    The Dealers cause most of these problems, they are very similar to the RIAA.. Instead of finding a Way to Compete they "complain" to the authorites..............

    Both of Their Business Model's are Broken and will not last for the Long run but they refuse to change with the times and want to hold other companies the Roll with the Customer Back.....

    The only thing stopping Waide Acceptment of Online Sales from Manufacturers now is EBAY................ That is TRUE

    I have heard that from a Large Number of People in High positions at many Manufacturers, No One can Compete on ebay NO ONE,

    I am all for low prices but some one has to make somewhere or companies Fold, Case in point --s4s ;)
  9. jstutman

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    god they just need to get there act together. they make such a damn good product. those bastards
  10. The_Ancient

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    They dont listen to the Customer though

    I am serious, he was and I quote "surprised" at the outcry there email box got after they cut me off

    I Posted, and other people posted the email to there Company on differant forums and Litterally Hundreds of people Sent emails Trying to Help me

    Nothing Worked

    I tried everything I even Agreed to Raise my Advertised Prices (not actually Selling price) and "hide" the true price... NO Sell.....

    Then I tried I only Sell where they was not a Cadence Dealer (no Competition for the Dealer complaining) still no go...

    Trust me I tried everything.. My Business P More or Less ended with that Phone Call

    after that Sales on every other product Group Dropped to Nothing, all my Sales where Centered on Cadence and for a Good Reason, but once they were gone...........
  11. jstutman

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    and to add that you had one of the fastest delivery of drop ships eva. If only he truely knew how well you did/
  12. The_Ancient

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    The Credit For that Goes to Tom Willham of PCI Marketing in Ft Worth Texas

    they are by far the Best Distibutors I have ever Delt with
  13. jstutman

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    next time you talk to them, tell them i aid thank you. also add a thank you to yourself there michael.

    for everything. specially this forum :)
  14. sandt38

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    My insider lost his job when they found out. They are allowed to limit your upfront pricing, but not what you sell it for, that is illegal. Amazingly, I did not advertize their pricing guidelines, yet a guy lost his job.

    I send them a dealer request, specifying my listed price will fall within the pricing guieline, but to no avail. IMHO they are breaking the law, but I continue to send unanswered e-mails... I got 2 answers in 2 years.

    If you can work me in on a good deal, I will be sure you get what you want really cheap. Have your guy get in touch with me... IMHO Cadence is simply the best for the dollar... bar none.
  15. jstutman

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    i will gladly do that as soon as i get a response. No Problem
  16. The_Ancient

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    well there is zero case law defending MAP, but there is more than one case where MAP policies have been ruled illegal......

    the law does not state either way, and I suspect if any of the manufacturers were sued (which will not happen in my life time) for it, they would lose. so IMO it is all illegal but I dont have millions of dollars to fight them so...............

    Who did they guy work for? Cadence or a Rep Company? he could always file a wrongful termination complaint
  17. sandt38

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    He was a rep... but prove wrongful termination. There are many states where an employer may fire an individual for any reason without giving cause... this is one of them ;)
  18. The_Ancient

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    Yes and no, Federal Mandates they have to have a Reason or you Collect Unmployment, Which si why Most places refuse to fire people at all, make them quite

    But I dont know, I am sorry, but I will not buy Cadence PERIOD.. While they may make good products, I will not support a company that can not pull it head out of it own ass...

    Making they Customers Seek Around to get the Products they Want to Asinine. and not a good Business move.

    You know, I should call for a all out Boycott on Cadence Products :p

    I dont have any Cadence Dealer with in 50Miles of me so I guess I have to Drive an hour according to cadence just to buy the product,

    and they will probally try and charge me OVER retail price for the Low Line like most Shops I hear do....

    it is sad, really really sad....

    anyone want to start ;)
  19. Honest Bob

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    Yeah I think I paid $300 some for my Q3000 from the shop around me that carry's Cadence. I want one of those Big RS amps but I'm afraid to even ask what they want for it. Probably over a grand.
  20. The_Ancient

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    really...... I dont know what MSRP is anymore but I dont remember it being that High

    I think I was selling them for $150-$200 cost was right around100-115.. Been awhile ;) :p