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Discussion in 'Other Stuff for sale by members' started by sisaseiny, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. sisaseiny

    sisaseiny Guest

    Hello everybody, it's been way too long since I've popped my head in to say hello to everybody. I've been around looking at all the comments and replies to everyone, but I haven't signed up until now! This forum is very informative and I'm hoping to learn more.

    Looking forward to sharing ideas with everybody! And everyone is so nice (even though you dont even know me yet). So I just wanted to say hi to everybody. I look forward to getting to know everyone as we exchange messages on this forum.

    I'm pretty happy to be here!
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  2. manutdfan7

    manutdfan7 Full Member

    yah man im new 2....
    and i am of the same opinion that this is a kick a** site
    everyone here is pretty cool if u ask me
    and i have learned a lot in the week or so iv been a member
  3. Lazy Eye

    Lazy Eye Full Member

    yeah this site is great. welcome man
  4. pedro quiroga

    pedro quiroga Well-Known Member

    welcome to the site. looking forward to answer any questions.
  5. manutdfan7

    manutdfan7 Full Member

    hey thanx guys.....
    1st question for you pedro
    the subs in your pic....did u make that box for those for or did u get it custom made?
  6. pedro quiroga

    pedro quiroga Well-Known Member

    i had it custom made.
  7. manutdfan7

    manutdfan7 Full Member

    dam dude dats sick
    how hard is that 2 do?
  8. cccullen

    cccullen Full Member

    it's not as hard as it looks. Get a design and build it. lol Actually, as long as your cuts are done right then the assembly isn't hard at all.
  9. manutdfan7

    manutdfan7 Full Member

    dude i wish one of you guys was my neighbor lmao
    i could learn a sh** load
  10. jonnyv713

    jonnyv713 The Young Gun of CAT

    where do you live man? one of us might be close to you. o and welcome aboard guys, glad to have you and im also looking forward to helping you the best i can.
  11. manutdfan7

    manutdfan7 Full Member

    yah man thanx and i live in ohio
  12. aznboi3644

    aznboi3644 Full Member

    welcome to the forums