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Discussion in 'Automotive Electrical' started by mojoboy02, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. mojoboy02

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    HI I have a engine noise coming for my speakers. Can someone help me fix the problem. I'm running memphis mclass 5 1/4 front speakers and mclass 6x9 rear speakers and a memphis mclass 75x4 amp to the speakers. I have jl 4 channel blue rca to the amp. I get the noise if the head unit is on or off.When the head unit is off the amp is off.What can my problem be.
  2. deepbass

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    Its interference. Dont know how you can fix it but check your speakers wires aee away from large electrical wires. I had a old stereo that did this. Never know what tge cause of it was other then it was interference
  3. danny_khan

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    are you hearing that airplane like noise.. Like when you press a pedal you hear a whistle like noise from speakers.
  4. mojoboy02

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    Yes I'm hearing that whistle noise. I got new rca's and but new speaker wire to each speaker. And the speaker wire is not near any power wire or any wire that has power.
  5. pedro quiroga

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    i had a similar problem with just my passenger dash speaker, i had noise with the radio on or off, but in just that speaker... turns out the speaker wire from the crossover was next to the computer and its harness. i moved the wires a few inches away and zip tied them to another bunch of wires that did not affect the sound.

    when i first got my truck i had the rca's close to the cigarette lighter harness.. it caused noise too.