Door speaker/4channel amp advice

Discussion in 'Car Stereo Speakers' started by mkulikowski, Mar 25, 2012.

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    So I have dual 15's pushin in my truck right now, and im looking to purchase new door speakers and tweeters in the next few weeks. Mainly hoping to get new door speakers tomorrow. And also an amp to run them. I'm thinkin about 6.5s at about 100w RMS for my doors. Then not sure for my tweeters but im thinking to just run them off of my deck (22w x 4 RMS). Looking for any and all advice as I am new to car audio, and some good amp/speaker recommendations would be nice. My budget is around $400 and down
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    ok to give any sort of suggestions on door speakers and whether you need to run a 4 channel amp we need to know more information about your existing setup...

    what head unit are you running (specs of rms)?
    what subwoofers are you running? How are they wired?
    what amp are you running for the subwoofers?
    what kind of vehicle

    are you planning to run coaxial or components door speakers and "deck" speakers???

    are you looking for volume of mids and high's or pure out quality????

    what is your intended purpose of the setup daily driver or show car???

    is any one going to be seeing these speakers or are they being hidden behind a grill?????/