Dodge Ram center console enclosure...need design help

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    I want to build a box for an Sundown SA-8 v.2. It will be in place of my center console in my QuadCab Dodge Ram 1500. Right now, actual dimensions for the console are 20L x 15W x 8 T giving me about 1.3 ft^3 of space. Of course I can make the box whatever I need to accommodate the sub I've chosen. Only measurement that can't be changed is the 15" width because the box has to fit between the front seats (might squeeze it up to 16").

    What I need help with is deciding ported or sealed box. If sealed, I guess the build would be really simple as I'd just need to build a box at .28*ft^3. Now if ported is the way to go, I know I'd need 0.5-0.75 ft^3 @ 35hz but the porting is where I'm clueless. I can probably figure the box dimensions but no idea on figuring the port.

    Also, the way the brackets are mounting the console to the floor, I'd use those to mount the box and it would give me 2"-3" of space between the bottom of the box and the floor so I could have the sub firing down or to the rear.

    I appreciate any help you can give.
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    I'll let you figure it out

    Regardless of whether it sealed or ported, down fire it. Especially if the box is going to be small

    For a 1 cu ft box, a 3-inch port will need to be around 12.5-inches long. The port has to be on the same board as the woofer

    For a 1 cu ft box a 2.5-inch port will need to be around 8.5 inches long.

    If its a down fire there should be only ONE opening, I would place it toward the front of the vehicle. I have built one down fire ported box many years ago and it sounded incredible.

    Check out my Toyota Yaris
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    The latest one that I am placing in my center console. It will have between 1.75 and 2.0 cubic feet ported to 32 htz for my jl audio 12w7. This is the fourth box I've built for this space. They have all sounded pretty good. The first one was a sealed enclosure I had a shop build for me, It sounded ok, but I wanted more so I constructed my first ported enclosure. I mounted it sub down port down. I sold that truck shortly thereafter. When I bought my 2013, I ran one ten under rear seats for about a year, with the W7 sitting in my shop. BUT, enough was enough. I built a 2.75 ported enclosure. It just took up top much room, so this is where we are. I will take a few more pics tomorrow when I start glassing the box. Sorry for the rambling. [​IMG]
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    Here is one in working on for my 12w7. Will upload more pics tomorrow when I glass it. [​IMG]
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    A work in progress. .
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    A work in progress. [​IMG]
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    Work in progress.[​IMG]
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    First several layers of fiberglass. I think 2 more will finish it up. [​IMG][​IMG]