Detroit´s 10 Foot Noise Ban

Discussion in 'Mobile Electronics News' started by The_Ancient, Nov 6, 2004.

  1. TheViking

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    We need more laws and ordinances to protect us from all the bad folks.


    From thevery basic rights in our constitution, we have the right to be ****ed off and offended, just as equally as we can **** off and offend others. Its OUR RIGHT!!!!!

    BUT, whena group of folks in a community get together and want a law passed, it is up to the voters, and majority rules. Right or wrong in anyones opinion, that is the way it works

    Now this 10 foot law is a bucnh of crap, admittitdly, and it is discriminating against those with a loud audio sytem. But why is that??????Think about it folks. The FEW bad apples ruin it for the rest of yall. Same thing with gun rights...........................

    bottom line, you dont like the laws, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!!!
  2. aznboi3644

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    Or moved somewhere else!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Spkrman

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    it is what it is.

    The minority against the ordinance aren't vocal... thats just how it works.

    Laws like this hand it entirely over to the police... technically, he could right out lie and say you were blaring music, and you could not have had it on... and in court you cant do a dam thing. I've had it happen to me - I've yet to get a legitimate sound violation ticket, except for the one back in highschool when I had a setup that was only audible because the liscense plate rattled.

    Accept it, fight it... in the end your gonna end up payin either way.
  4. JoeAudio26

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    O ''crap I'd get a ticket even for (NOT) trying..