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  1. mrhonnesty99

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    So with the help of the forum i managed to make my first sub box on the other thread i would need help making my next project work, i need to move my 2 mid range box up/down they will be on top of the subwoofer box when powered on they will fold up and then down when powered off. my questions are

    1. do i make to select a specific roll off switch to match the motor driving the box meaning 12v/ ? amps etc
    2. what motor can i use to drive them up or down .

  2. pedro quiroga

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    power window motors have been used for years. or a linear actuator.
  3. mrhonnesty99

    mrhonnesty99 New Member

    i would purchase a power window motor, the only thing stopping me is that i recently noticed on my car that is has some type of a safety. if the window is on its way up and you hold the glass making it think it got your neck stuck it will roll back down, is that sensor built into the motor?
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  4. tommy2tone

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    Get one for a mid 80's monte carlo.I'm sure they don't have the safety stop.
  5. Lazy Eye

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    I know the 03 gmc trucks don't have that sensor. my dog rolled his head up in the window lol..