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Discussion in 'Home Audio Talk' started by sandt38, Sep 13, 2004.

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    ^^on that note...

    OK people, what the fuck? Looking at this stuff is driving me crazy. I mean, I do pretty well for myself, but where do people come up with this kind of money? Who in their right mind would spend this kind of flow on a friggin tiny ass, ugly ass mono amp?

    End rant.

    We now return to our regularly scheduled programming...
  2. sandt38

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    How about turntables?
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    Transrotor Tourbillon weighing in at 80 KGs, for a measley, no shit OK... I am serious now, twenty five thousand dollars.


    Wait, this is a fucking record player dude, right :unsure:
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    OK, this beauty requires 220... yep, 220 to run...


    Dubbed the AVID ACUTUS it comes without tone arm for only $6400
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    This Nordic Concept turntable, again without tone arm, and with the external power supply (those pesky poer supply virations reak havoc don't they?) costs only $15500

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    I thought to myself, $12000?!?!?!?!?!, oh wait, what a pretty flower :rolleyes:

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    The Nottingham Analog. Looks pretty cool. Anyone got $12000 I can borrow?


    Oh yeah, I found a really cool tonearm for it at the value price of $4000 :p
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    This is a value. The Nottingham Space Deck (and this one comes with the Spacearm too!!!) is the most resonable high end unit I have seen. I like the looks of this unit, and the price is far easier to swallow... $2995

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    Ahhh, remember that first (and IMO the most beautiful) of the tube amps, the Diva? This is her sister, the Diva Turntable (armless) for $2500

  10. sandt38

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    The Tri-Planer tone arm for only $3995 (cartridge sold seperately)


    Here is the 90X cartridge for a tad more... $2700 :unsure:

    Dude, it's a fucking needle for a fucking record player!!!
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    OK, personally I find the tube amps to be damn fine looking... but I can understand that's subject to opinion.

    However - when you start getting into high-end turntables - I seriously can't imagine anyone looking at the Transrotor, or the Avid... or honestly, any of them - and not thinking that even if they didn't even run, they would qualify simply as statuesque artwork. Sexy stuff. B)

    And as with all art - does the price really need to correspond to anything objective? :p
  12. Steven Kephart

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    Just to second Chris' post, this one is absolutely gorgeous:


    Hey Seth, you need a subscription to Stereophile magazine. They review stuff like that all the time, including the crazy expensive speakers.

    Chris B and I went to a local high end HT shop about a month ago and looked around. We got a demo of a pretty high end system consisting of some Wilson Wattpuppies and a huge sub. The sub was boomy and sounded like crap. I like my little 10" Koda sub much better. The Wattpuppies sounded nice, but nothing better than the stuff we have at work IMO for the upper range. I would love to do a a/b comparison to see, and I may in the end prefer the Wattpuppies. But the differences definitely weren't enough to constitute such a huge difference in price. I do want to mention that the low end on the Wattpuppies is incredible. It was very clean and precise. I liked the system much better when they turned off the sub just for this reason. Sure it didn't quite play down as deep, but for the extention it had it sounded great. They demo'd Little Nemo, some jazz, then some DVD-A Metalica (not a very good demo disc), and finally some Kodo (much better choice). I love the percussion discs like this because they have such a large frequency range, and usually have very good imaging and staging cues. My favorite selection for this is Mickey Hart; Planet Drum. Track 7 has a huge Earth drum that resonates at 32 Hz. :yes:

    Steven Kephart
    Adire Audio
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    Most of the high end home stuff is really just name and cosmetics. Please don't get me wrong, there are several companies out there who are working to improve sonics while at the same time improving beauty. I'd say a full 80% of all upper mid level to high end gear I have heard have left me unimpressed... for the pricepoint anyways. I'd put my Adire Kits up against any speaker pair costing 3 grand... The only reason I would limit them to 3 grand it due to the incredible off axis responce of electrostats... but even with that, the KITs have a more extended range. Couple that with the Dual KODA sub I am running and my surrounds... I have a speaker system that would rival or blow away $10,000 plus systems... And the MSRP of all my speakers is about $1500 or so.

    It's like Anthem, say the D1... $7 grand. That's alot of cash for a unit, but it is compared to Goldmund and Meridian and other extreme high end units that cost $20 grand plus. I have heard Meridian, Goldmund, and Anthem units and I felt the Anthem was nicer all around.

    Very few high end companies have really taken the cake IMHO. Of note is Butler, Anthem, Blue Circle, Diva, Shanling, MacIntosh, and Tidal... Notice the cost of these units is relatively cheap compared to the big names... No $120,000 Krell Master Referance Monoblocks in my list.
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    I agree...

    In fact, listening to the 'entry level' $2700 Martin Logan Clarity set, compared to the $25,000 'high end' large panel Martin Logans that I heard in the high-end room - the difference wasn't even close to enough to justify the price difference. For that matter - the technology didn't seem to justify it - are the electrostats really different, other than the simple size of the panels? The Clarity also had additional components that the high-end version didn't, such as the NAD tweeter on top... I don't know, I preferred the Clarity set.

    But sometimes, people's goals aren't to get 'the ultimate' -
    ...some people simply want to say that they spent the most... simply so they can tell their friends "I spent _____ on this".

    Of course, I consider this attitude mostly ignorant in one respect... these people tend to not realize that quite a few people would not be impressed by the number, but rather struck by how foolish that sounded, given their grasp on the goals and results. :lol:
    How does this person save face to these types of people, given their goals of impressing them?

    Oh well.

    I'd love to A/B a LOT of this equipment, in a setup that truly could be fair in the scope of the units being compared. B)