Cool additions to your alarm or combo unit.

Discussion in 'Car Alarm, Remote Start and other Accessories.' started by Fbmowner, Oct 18, 2010.

  1. Fbmowner

    Fbmowner Full Member

    I use to have these in my 300zx so ill share a few.

    -2 Pain generator sirens in the 2 main vents in the dash (relay on the main +siren wire from alarm)
    -Relay on the the aux channel for the high beams to turn on as long as i held the button down on the remote

    Add more for some fun ideas!
  2. TheViking

    TheViking Well-Known Member

    I used to install some motor driven sirens...I called them air raid sirens, they caught ALOT of attention. A few vehicles i installed 2 of them..WOW what a sound!
  3. Fbmowner

    Fbmowner Full Member

    Strobe light wired with the siren would be awesome =D
  4. DMP

    DMP Full Member

    DEI 520T back up battery
  5. Fbmowner

    Fbmowner Full Member

    Im some cases...the backup battery = the battery you have in your trunk next to your amp =D
  6. DMP

    DMP Full Member

    Yup. lol

    But some vehicles like BMW have the battery in the trunk already.

    I would also like to add a tilt switch to the list. Theres digital, ball bearing, and mercury tilt switches. I heard some bad things about digital tilt switches, but I have one installed in my truck. But I know ball bearing and mercury work better from what I heard. Never used them myself tho.

    And DEI 509U Ultrasonic Sensor. Works pretty good, but you have to adjust it right.