Compustar remote start problems

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    I installed a compustar cs600s into a friends car. I am having an issue with it that when the car is cold it starts and dies 3 times. However when the car is warm it starts fine with the kit. Is wired for tachless i originally wired a tach wire from one of the coils but it would not take the signal. Also it seems as though the directions are wrong for programming. I can never get into the correct modes. The dealer has a box they hook up and program through that. There is a way to set it to assume its running but i can not get to that point in the set up table. The dealer is backed up because of christmas so are unable to program it anytime soon.
    Any ideas?
  2. Ranger SVO

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    Most remote starts have a diagnostic mode which will tell you why it shut down or why it failed to start.

    Double check the directions. If it shuts down right after it starts, then your right. It doesnt know the car is running. Voltage check should be OK, and should not cause a problem. But I've always used the tach signal. It provides an additional level of protection (not all remote starts do this) if the vehicle over revs, many remote starts will shut down.

    But check the directions, is there a diagnostic mode?
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    i have had the same exact problem, it states in the manual that you can not program unit with remote or op 500 if the system is not unlocked??? i too am trying to set tach option 2-04 but can not get it into program mode either. anyone figure this out yet???