Code 111 and Code 332

Discussion in 'Car Repair' started by Ranger SVO, Jul 19, 2008.

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    not to jack the thread but if it dose not work at wot why did we pick up 3.7 hp when we pluged off the egr on our race car when it was still on the stock ecu now its on magesquirt and my own tuning but anyways my 93 probe pulls the code about they only thing ford came come up with is it helps in the cold days at idel and it will help mpg on the highway we lost around 2 mpg blocking it off still on the stock ecu not if my tune im over 32hp over stock
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    Them my guess is that the EGR valve was hung open. The EGR valve Does Not Open at wide open Throttle.

    Thanks again Throttletune. Everything checks out, so its something I'm just gonna keep an eye on. The "Check Engine" light only came on the one time.
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  3. Ranger SVO

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    Well, the "Check Engine Light" came on again, same code 332. My Ranger is not equipped with a DPFE sensor, but it does have a EGR Position Sensor. I replaced that sensor

    Lets see if that fixes it
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    so cleaning it wasn't an option?
  5. Ranger SVO

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    The EGR valve seems to work. I can open and close it with a vacuum pump. It opens all the way between 8 and 10-inches of mercury, which is normal.

    I think the EGR system is working properly, but the sensor thats telling the computer that everything is OK is not.