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    Hi Guys,

    I live off grid and put together a sound system to run off of 12Volt power. I have a pioneer PRS 80 and helix blue b4 amp hooked up to some nice home speakers (tekton M-lores and Polk rtia3). Sounds awesome but I am interested in hooking up a sub and one more set of satellite speakers for another room. The head unit has a built in amp that includes output for front, rear and sub. I am guessing the sub can be hooked up direct to the head unit output but I am not sure what to do about the additional satellite speakers. If I get a powered sub, can I hook that up to the amp pass-through channel and then use the head unit sub woofer output to power the satellite speakers? I am far from knowledgeable on these things so forgive my ignorance. What would you suggest I do?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Got me confused.
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    Do you need more power than your powered sub can give? Is this for a home or a car? You said 12 volt & then mentioned home me confused. Pass-through idea should work but still trying to figure out whether this is for your home or your car? You need to seperate your car/home scenario & go with one or the other for a better pic. & understanding of your situation. Reply,good luck.
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    sorry about the confusion

    Hi there,

    I am using a car stereo in my home because my electrical system is 12 Volt. The Pioneer head and helix blue b amp are connected to home speakers and they work great. The problem is that my amp only supports powering 4 channels. I can power a sub woofer directly from the head unit, I believe, and I can pass the audio signal through the helix amp to another amp for the additional satellite speakers but I would prefer to find a solution without adding yet another amp.

    Any ideas?

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    Never heard of that 1 except that 1 joke Larry the cable guy said about rednecks..........just kiddin.Splice into the rear speaker wires & connect to them. Install an adjuster for the sub if necessary. & for the other satellite speakers, I think I would either not do it or try it risk smokin your system. Good luck.