Burning oil

Discussion in 'Car Repair' started by 92civicproblems, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. 92civicproblems

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    Does anyone know anything about burining oil? How much it costs to fix it? What's exactly going on? etc.
  2. pedro quiroga

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    scroll down to the engine rotating.

    whats going on is the rings are letting oil pass thru to the combustion chamber and in turn burning the oil along with the gas.

    your rings are obviously worn as are the cylinder walls. fine scratches and the worn rings are not a good combo to have.

    have you tried the engine restore i told you about yet? it can help a little. ive even heard of using thicker oil to slow it down a bit.
  3. G3n3R@1

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    must get those rings replaced! bad rings from my experience also cause power loss and poorer gas mileage.
  4. bigcam

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    there are more ways for oil to get in an be burned. valve gides will also let oil in on top of the pistons. most the time you can only tell at start up. if it is a constant burn it is more then likly as stated above. your motor is tired because of miles, sucking dirt in the intake, or just plain hot roded to hard. check the blow by tube. it should run from the crank case or valve cover to the intake. unhook it while the car is running if you have alot of smoke and or oil coming out that will also tell you the motor is shot. to try and save the car for a short time plug the intake hole and just put somthing over the hose to keep dirt out. you can't plug the hose tho. keep that in mind.

    also run some 15/40 oil in it. that will help limp it along for a while longer.

    do you have a turbo on the car? if so some times the seals in the turbo will let oil threw aswell.