Battery life help!!!

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  1. kekeknox

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    hey guys, could someone please tell me how much play time i would have with my car audio system... i've got a 600crampin battery in my hood and an 800crampin hooked up to that in the trunk...its powering a 1600watts bass speaker... four 8'' voice speakers (250watts each) and two horns (100watts each)...and also a 1200watts voice amp and a 3000watts base amp... how much playtime can i get with my vehicle not switched on and running to keep it charging???
  2. steve

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    There are far to many variables to give a answer to that..... just a guess, 20min at a fairly loud volume, like I said that's just a guesstamation.
  3. DeltaSoldier

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    i dont think 20 minutes for that haha i have 2 batteries at 1000cca a piece and my system (right now) is a P.A. 2200/2ch amp powering an alpine type-r12 and a Boss P126DVC and it doesnt last hardly at all
  4. kekeknox

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    i tested it out the hard way... i got like an hour an 40 mins wit it at max before it started tripping out for power
  5. Jerome

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    That's more than i thought it would give out.
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