Autostarter/LED trouble

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    I have a compustar 2WSHR remote starter installed in my 1990 Chevy Suburban and just recently upgraded all my dull dim stock light bulbs to LED bulbs.My autostarter was installed a few years ago along with HID headlights and LED front marker lights and I just switched over my rear tail/brake/turn signal to stock 1157 socket LED`s and now my autostarter starts my truck but shuts off after a few seconds,i put the stock 1157`s back in works question is do I need the load resistor to remedy the problem? they are currently installed for the front LED lights and I don't have the fast flash problem with either set or can I disable those wires for the autostarter?any advice at this point is greatly appreciated.
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    The resistance through the LEDs is too high.

    Purchase a standard automotive relay

    Disconnect the remote start wire that is attached to the brake switch and attach it to pin 30 of the relay. Relay pins 87a and 85 should go to ground. Pin 86 needs a constant 12-volt source. Once hooked up press on the brake, the relay should click. Release the brake and remote start the vehicle. Let it run for a minute and then press the brake the engine should shut off

    Put your LED Bulbs back in, problem solved
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    Just so I`m clear here Ranger,....I don't attach a wire back to the brake switch after attaching it to pin 30?....and can I ground 87a and 85 to the same place? Can I just pull 12v right from the fuse box and do I need a fuse in that? All the 12v is for is power to the relay, correct? I was under the impression that the resistance would be lower with the LED bulbs with them drawing less power? Also im not entirely sure which wire is the right one, I have one labeled "power to parking light"..and one labeled "emergency brake input" and one labeled "brake input" is any of these the correct wire?
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    Sorry about the slow reply, I am currently working on a Masters Degree in Mathematics. I stay pretty busy.

    An LED can not handle a lot of current, so to reduce current a series resister is used. So resistance is higher.

    Yes you should place a fuse between pin 86 and your 12-volt source. A 10-amp should be plenty

    And you are correct, you do not hook anything back up to your brake switch. The relay simulates your brake light bulb. I've had to do this to a few cars.
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