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    does anyone here have any experience with audiobahn car audio amps and subs? they are cheaper than rockford but are there amps any good? i had audiobahn 2300hct which puts out 2400 watts rms but never hooked it up, it was really heavy so i'm assuming it is a good brand name!!! can anyone with experience let me know if they are good amps or not, you can email me at
  2. aznboi3644

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    Audiobahn sucks balls....Bad quality cheap crap.

    Yeah chrome flames is heavy...just because an amp is heavy doesn't mean its good.
  3. CadillacETC1997

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    they are pretty...
    pretty bad...
  4. pedro quiroga

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    yes. not the best can get better
  5. Attack Eagle

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    And let us not forget that audiobahn is out of business. They are history than k god... damn ricer ****.
  6. pedro quiroga

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    man now those ricers will have to find a new crap

    visonik here's your chance!:huh::lol:
  7. psycho_maniac

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    I didnt mind my audiobahns till the amp fried. then i read that there crap. i sold the 2 subs and gutted my amp. they suck !
  8. haemphyst

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    2400 watts for 100mS, at 50% distortion! That amp can realistically make, I'd say, 500 watts - with any kind of fidelity - on a GOOD day.:D

    Audiobahn is simply terrible quality gear.
  9. Dj BASS

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    Oh well. I have experience with AudioBahn amps and I find them to be just fine. I've used several different high-end amps over the years like Orion, Rockford Fosgate, Boston, etc... and find them to be just as comparable as those without the hefty price tag. Most of the time, when you hear haters about amps, it's mainly because most of the time, it's either either their equipment is not hooked up right, the subs they are using are not in the right enclosure - so they sound like s*** and they just want to blame it on the amp. Remember don't get suc*ed into the high brand name game. Know your specs and look for comparable before you buy the "big name." If you have two amps, with both high signal to noise ratio, and low distortion rate, but one is $800 for the high name or you can get another one that is not that popular yet for $300 with the same specs. What would you rather pay. dah.

    Signed, the Audio Guru....
  10. cccullen

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    Audio Guru??? AudioBahn is crap and they spend most of their money on the look of the amp and not where it's important. They are overrated and you can get better amps for the money you'd spend on a crappy AudioBahn.
  11. aznboi3644

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    doesn't matter what you get what you pay for....Audiobahn is overrated crap.

    Specs don't mean squat since Audiobahn makes up numbers for the amplifiers output.

    Bench test a REAL 1000 watt amp vs an audiobahn "1000" watt amp...audiobahn is crap and would most likely put out 400-500 watts.
  12. pedro quiroga

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    yup read a review in one of my car audio mags and an audiobahn amp they tested fell way short of its rated specs. and the sound was so so at best.

    and.... this thread is really old too. lol
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    i had 2 10" audiobahn subs before i upgraded to 12's and they worked great!!! however, when i purchased the $250 so called "power house" audiobahn amp, i thought i was doing something good. WRONG!!! audiobahn amps suck long ones!!!! i took out that amp and bought a kenwood and it sounds 2 if not 3 times better than the audiobahn amp!!! now subwoofer wise.... i will never discriminate audiobahn. every sub i have owned has beat really hard. they do make good subs. i would never buy another audiobahn amp again!!! only subs!!!!
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  14. Dj BASS

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    Hurry up and buy your focal speakers they can see a sucker coming a mile away $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$::eek: I don't care how much it cost it doesn't mean it's better Look at bose $$$$$ and it is the cheapest **** made. If you never used one don't be a hater You'll prob. say lanzar Opti is crap too I own 2 1232D subs and they are sick.

    Custom Tooled Die-Cast Aluminum Basket
    Aluminum Alloy Cone Structure
    Massive Butyl Rubber Surround
    3" High Temperature Dual Voice Coil
    65 Oz x 3 High Density Barium Ferrite Magnet
    Power Handling: 1100 Watts RMS/2200 Watts Peak
    Frequency Response: 26- 800 Hz
    Impedance: 2 Ohms DVC
    Efficiency: 88dB

    I also have two Audiobahn amps

    600 watts x 1 @ 4 ohms mono
    1200 watts x 1 @ 2 ohms mono
    1800 watts x 1 @ 1 ohm mono
    Class D Circuitry
    Multi Stranded Power Supply Toroids
    Double Sided Glass Epoxy Circuit Board
    THD: 0.05%
    S/N Ratio: >100dB
    Frequency Response: 10Hz - 40KHz (± 1dB)
    Remote Bass Control with Blue Backlight Knobs
    Variable 18dB Low-pass Crossover: 50Hz - 250Hz
    Variable Bass Boost: 0 - 18dB
    Variable Bass Boost Frequency: 40Hz - 100Hz
    Subsonic Filter: 20Hz to 50Hz
    Variable Phase Control: 0° - 180°
    Large Display Volt Meter with Blue Illumination
    RCA Throughput Connections
    4-way Protection Circuitry: Thermal, Short Circuit, Overload & DC Offset
    Dual Cooling Fans
    Cobalt Blue Illumination
    Chrome Flame Fan Grille
    High Gloss Chrome Plated Finish

    4 Ohm Stereo 100W X 4
    2 Ohm Stereo 200W X 4
    1 Ohm Stereo 300W X 4
    4 Ohm Mono 200W X 2
    2 Ohm Mono 400W X 2
    Height 2" , Width 8 1/2" , Depth 12 7/8"
    True Digital Circuitry
    Multi-Stranded Power Supply Toroids
    Double-Sided Glass Epoxy Circuit Board
    THD: 0.05%
    S/N Ratio: >100dB
    Frequency Response: 10Hz-20kHz(+/- 1dB)
    Variable High-Pass/Low-pass Crossover: 50Hz To 250Hz
    Variable Bass Boost: 0 - 12dB
    Optional Digital Volt Meter (ADM100T)
    Throughput RCA Connections
    4-way Protection Circuitry: Thermal, Short Circuit, Overload, and DC Offset
    Dual Cooling Fans
    Cobalt Blue Illumination
    Chrome Flame Fan Grille
    High Gloss Chrome-Plated Finish
    Warranty: 1 Year warranty.

    Every company makes lowend and highend stuff. I purchased Boston pro6 and they where 500 a pair and they sucked there was no midbass and the rubber surround ripped on all the speakers I'm running 125rms to each I replaced them with Opti65 midbass and they blew them away. I read post saying that there audiobahn amp fried Ymmmm I wonder why maybe Connected the wrong way because amps don't just stop working unless you cause it to. I fried a orion hc amp when I had no idea about car audio so are you gonna say orions **** because i fried the amp because I didn't know at the time what I was doing now I'm MECP certified . You just need to stop being a hater unless you used the product don't put it down. I don't care what some kid says about the amp or speakers.
  15. jonnyv713

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    #1 - this is a year old thread.
    #2 - rating dont mean anything these days. Boss sucks.wayyyy overrated. 2000 watts rms! ya right maybe 200 is what its really putting out. People can have their own opinions on things but here on this forum the majority of us dont associate any good experiences with audibahn or any of the other flea market junk.
  16. aznboi3644

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    dude you need to chill is already a widely known FACT that Audiobahn is very low quality...they went out of business last year IIRC.

    Audiobahn had no low end and high end products...the higher end was just overpriced overrated crap.

    Amps are overrrated.
  17. 94f150

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    DJ BASS, if you really think that audiobahn is as sick is you portray it to be, your ass is tone deaf. You are out your mine, ive owned audiobahn amps and subs and the amp put out distorted signal, half ass power and the subs sounded like wet farts. Ive heard sony xplode 10s hooked up to a old school autotek that sounded better than the audiobahn 12s i had back n the day. They are flashy and used for show. Thats all they are good for other than a paper weight.
  18. cccullen

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    you don't even deserve a response from me. MECP certified? LMAO!
  19. jonnyv713

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    anyone that is reading this thread while thinking of joining. this is not how we act towards normal people. this guy came in here thinking he owes us all some "MECP certified knowledge" lol. A.K.A. flaming us
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    Dj BASS... For your info, i bought the focal used and I got a good price for them. I've heard them, have a lot of friends using them with awesome sound seen them win SQ comps in my area so that's the reason why I went with them. A lot of people have a hard on for Ciare as well, I've heard them and i don't like their sound. DLS i liked, VERY natural sounding but i need something a lot louder but clean, hence the focal K2P.

    You mentioned that you blew a set of boston pro's feeding it rated wattage... Well, you push any speaker too hard you will blow it or mess it up. Being MECP certified you SHOULD know that each speaker has it's own pro's and cons.. Not everybody like Strong overpowering midbass, especially when it comes to SQ. You probably tried using an SQ component speaker in a SPL set up. which sometimes doesn't sound that great.

    I still say that Audiobahn make crap amps! I don't care what you are running, I've heard AudioBahn and it sucked for me! You may not be too picky with sound, I am!

    Now, with subs.. ANY sub can be loud if in the right enclosure. I'm sure that Azn, Ranger or any other box designers will tell you that. Take a cheap $20 sub and but it in a good box and compare it to a $500 in a crappy box, the $20 sub will sound better and will have better bass.

    Oh, i'm not a "kid"...... I'm 36!!! But, I know a lot of kids that know a whole hell of a lot more than i do (especially the ones here on CAT). AGE has nothing to do with it. It's hands on knowledge, not something you learn in any classroom.