audio from cellphone to Pioneer AVIC-X910BT

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  1. jabonin

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    What is the best way to get audio from my HTC EVO 4G cellphone into my Pioneer AVIC-X910BT? I have tried Using a 3.5mm male to male cable from the phone to the jack on the front of the AVIC, which doesn't work. Neither does running the USB cable that came with the phone, run to the AVIC's USB input. I can make bluetooth phone calls from the AVIC thru my phone, but can't figure a way to get music audio from the phone to the AVIC. Please advise.
  2. Ranger SVO

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    Is the phone paired to the AVIC? Also the AVIC should have a bluetooth audio option. But the phone needs to be correctly paired.
  3. jabonin

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    Yes, it is paired. In fact, I can make phone calls using the pairing. Just can't get the bluetooth to accept music from the EVO phone.
    I finally got thru to some Pioneer tech support and they told me to use the earphone jack output of the phone into ext2 on the AVIC. That works, but I don't like the teather line.:rolleyes:
  4. Ranger SVO

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    I just glanced through the directions and I don't see a bluetooth audio option, it may not have that feature
  5. jabonin

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    Yes, I can't find it either, so that is the crutch of the problem I guess.
    On the bright side, using a cable from the phone to the AVIC saves the phone batteries over using bluetooth.
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  6. Syberman

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    I have the same HU in my car and it's really nice. I bought the A/V cable that you can attach to your cell. I have the iPhone 4, so I bought the specific cable for that. Without the cable, the phone doesn't charge and doesn't play in iPod mode. Nor can you watch music videos or movies, while parked that is. But you can certinally pair your phone with the HU and get BT audio. I actually have a couple of radio apps that I use thru BT audio.

  7. jalbino59

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    I'm not familiar with your head unit to know if its bluetooth audio capable, but I have the same phone as you do. In order to stream turn on bluetooth on your phone then go to the bluetooth settings>advanced settings and check the box to turn on ftp services. That should do it if your hu is capable.