Anyone Ever Hear Of "theater Research"?

Discussion in 'Home Audio Talk' started by texcon, Dec 3, 2004.

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    My father in law is looking to get some new HT equipment and has decided on a middle-ground Yamaha receiver, which is an upgrade from his Aiwa equipment.

    So he just called me asking about a brand of speakers called Theater Research. He was bumping around on Ebay and ran across these *puts flame suit on*. I have never heard of them and think something is up here. On Ebay they sell for $100s and on their web site the sell for literally $1000s. So obviously that seems very odd. I have never heard of this brand, which doesn't mean much, but lack of any true specs on the website makes me a little paranoid. What maker of multi-$1000 speakers wouldn't put all kinds of specs, even basic specs, on their website?

    I know I am going to get flamed for asking this, because personally I wouldn't go near these speakers given the odd circumstances, but I told him I would try to get some feedback on them.

    Here is a link for reference:

    The web site is
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    white van scam gear... my sisters idiot boyfriend actually bought a theatre research HTIB setup from the back of a van... i wouldn't touch it.. if you want good quality at an average price point look into polk audio...
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    I'll agree with Joel. Looks like alot of Dayton drivers, cheap polykevlar knock offs, crappy aluminum cone units with cheap dime store press in port tubes. Want an idea of their quality?

    Look at how big these units are. They are taller, twice as wide, and as deep as my mains, and they weigh 22 pounds less than mine. Not only are they bigger, but they house more drivers by a mile... for $2500?

    $2000 for a 27 inch TV? :blink:

    Can you say Paradigm? I say, look into them. They are a far better deal for small money.
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    didn't realize how old this topic was. Sorry.
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