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    A review

    Ever since having heard my first Anthem unit (the AVM250) I have been in love. Please, see my HT link in my sig if you doubt it, I have it listed on my main page. The ease of use coupled with a completely programable unit, with more functions and connectivity than should be legal, coupled with the most amazing, unobtrusive pre-amping I have ever heard is second to none. Units at twice the cost offered less, and units 3 times the cost offered as much, but at a loss of simplicity. Anthem did it right with the AVM250, but has followed it up (and I have been waiting almost 2 years for the promised one :) ) with the most promising sequal in recent memory... a statement.

    This statement is aptly dubbed "Statement D1"





    Simply stunning. I will be going to my local dealer to hear them next week. They will be feeding Bryston amps and hopefully the Paradigm Referance Studio 100s, but I may be forced to suffer with the Studio 60s. I like the Digms because they offer a very similar sound to the Adire sets I am using now, without the extention. The midrange is more forward with the Digms too, but I have heard the Digms and my 81s on the same reciever, in the same room, less than 5 minutes apart from one another, so a comparison should be easy to make.

    I'll let you know.
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    That thing has everything in spades...classy too.