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Discussion in 'Home Audio Talk' started by texcon, Aug 27, 2004.

  1. texcon

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    Well, anyone can go there if they like, not just NE residents. It's called I am a mod over at an Acura website (Acuraworld) and one of the vendors there has this HT site. There are a lot of vintage audio people there, but it has a wide range of HT buffs as members. The site owner is also from Buffalo, which I believe Seth is from and maybe geo. It's a good group of people, so feel free to check it out.

    Just thought I'd pass this along.

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    I used to live in Buffalo, but I left 14 years ago. Chris (Geo) still lives in the southtowns of Buffalo... Gonz also lives up there in the hood. Nate (luvdabass) who is a member here (is he still alive) is also from the southtowns.
  3. texcon

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    Oh, my mistake - thought you still lived there. Still a lot of Buffalo residents on CAT.
  4. _gonz_

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    seems like a cool place.
    discussion of digital music, such as MP3 and SACD is always quite interesting.

    while i love vinyl and vintage gear,
    i'm not "stuck in the 60s" as many seem to be.

    Thanks for the linkage :)
  5. texcon

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    Yeah, that place has more vintage audio people than other boards might. But it is something a little different.
  6. _gonz_

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    don't get me wrong, vintage is really great...


    you don't buy a victorian table, Circa 1840, to use as a workbench right?
    it has it's place, and it's value remains intact with preservation.

    modern technology has it's advantages, and you don't really need the "kid gloves" to use it. To me, cranking Slayer out of vintage Wharfdale or JBL or even certain early radioshack loudspeakers, is as much of a sin as painting the woodwork white!

    Besides, i was referring more to the digital media section. Vinyl was cool and all, but it's just history. I'll never take e-books over printed, bound books... but i'll gladly take SACD, DVD-A, and even FLAC or SHN formats, over vinyl any day.