Amp selection for an absolute novice (on an entry level budget)

Discussion in 'Car Stereo Amplifiers' started by maggotwalcot, Sep 18, 2013.

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    Hi guys,

    I was wondering if you could help me with picking an amp for the speakers I have already rushed in to buying.

    So presently I have a Pioneer DEH-150MP CD/MP3 headunit, and 2 x Fli FI6-F3 210 watts 6.5" 17cm 3 way Triaxial Car & Van Speakers in the front of my campervan and I have just purchased a set of FLI Audio Integrator 69 6x9" inch 160mm x 230mm 3-Way Triaxial 375 Watts Car Rear Parcel Shelf Coaxial Speakers for the back.

    The little I do know about in-car-entertainment is that I will require an amp for the rear speakers,. I am on a budget and I don't intend on setting any records for most awesome sounding sound system so can anybody recommend an amp that will run these speakers and not cost the earth? Alternatively, could you guys provide me with clues as to what numbers/ figures I need to pay close attention to when looking at amps? All this ampage and wattage business can send a man crazy.



    Any help welcome.

    Thanks very much!