Alpine 3 disc radio, model 7982, laser keeps seeking when trying to play Cd's...

Discussion in 'Car Audio Head Units' started by Jason B, Mar 7, 2010.

  1. Jason B

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    Hey, need some help here. I have an old school Alpine 3342 BBE digital EQ, and a Alpine 7982, in dash 3 disc changer. I know it's old, but I love the setup and it sounds great. The problem is with the 7982 3 disc unit...

    Recently when trying to play a disc, the unit keeps making seeking noises and won't play any of the tracks. Eventually, it pops out the cd and says "error". I've tried 3-4 different discs and the discs are all good.

    I have a 2nd unit of the same radio that I bought a few years ago, just in case my orignal one ever broke. I've had the unit apart in the past to remove a jammed cd, so I'm pretty good. There seems to be no way to get the old laser out, so I can swap it from the other. It's buried in there. I would love to try, but can't figure it out. I'm assuming it's the laser that's messed up.

    Any ideas? I don't want to replace it with a newer style, as both the EQ and the radio match.
  2. pedro quiroga

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    why not just remove the whole cd assembly as one. it should be easier to do.
  3. Jason B

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    I can't figure it out..... I'm pretty good with stuff, but the thing looks welded in there :)
  4. Logan

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    Alpine 3 disc radio, model 7982, laser keeps seeking when trying to play Cd's

    HI 1 guys i think in your alpine have a lens problem because whenever lens are week so they are not able to read quickly and load so you just change lens in your alpine because you told me true they sound set up great and your radio have some catching frequency problem this cause are not catch in proper way if you have any problem so pl z share with me.
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  5. Jason B

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    Well, I got it all apart, but could not figure out how to just swap out the laser itself. The thing is buried in there with hidden screws, so I just swaped out the whole cd mechanism with the other and it now works again!!!!

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  6. Jason B

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    Anyone else ever try it?
  7. Jason B

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    Damnit, it's not reading again, well, last one lasted 8 years... Now I can't find this radio and the laser shows discontined it seems, Any ideas?