Alpine 1221D/Kenwood 9104D/Saturn Sc2 Wiring kit?

Discussion in 'Automotive Electrical' started by solitus3989, Oct 4, 2009.

  1. solitus3989

    solitus3989 Full Member

    The title says what i have..

    Alpine R type 1221D in a closed enclosure.
    Kenwood KAC-9104D mono amp
    and a 2001 Saturn Sc2.

    I need a wiring kit. i was told to do some research to see what gauge of wire i would need, but im not sure and don't know where to start so i figured i would ask the pros!

    Any help with a brand or place to order or the guage of wire? any help would be appreciated!

  2. DatDude08

    DatDude08 Full Member

    Knukonceptz 4 Guage Kit is where its at or maybe their next step up in 4 ga. You need at least 4 ga. o ga. if you want or if you ever wanted to expand it may not be a bad idea but either way knukonceptz is great.
  3. cccullen

    cccullen Full Member

    I would say just to be safe, go with 2ga. or even better 1/0 ga.
  4. solitus3989

    solitus3989 Full Member

    Thanks for the help. I am on a budget (poor college student) and cant really afford a 1/0 gauge wiring kit!

    i can't find any 2 gauge kits anywhere? Im guessing they will be pretty expensive, too.

    Also, could someone please give me, in their opinion, the top 3 or 5 bang for your buck wiring kit brands so i can compare a bit and make a decision based on that?

  5. cccullen

    cccullen Full Member

    look into welding cable instead. it's a lot cheaper and just as good.