After market power window kits

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    I have a 2010 Ford F250 heavy duty work truck single cab. Want to add power windows and door locks. I have been looking on internet for kits and I see there are two styles available. One style looks like it hooks up to manual window crank to open and close window and the other style looks like it replaces the oem jack looking window mecanism in door. I want something that will work well consistently and be problem free. Which style is better? And are there any brands to avoid? Want to do it right the first time with a quality product. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!
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    I've installed many of aftermarket power window kits over the years working in retail. I've installed both style kits. The electric jack style kit is by far the best.
    The ones I used to install were by a company called Electric Life. They would actually replicate the factory style assembly of each vehicle. Now granted these kits are by far the hardest to install yourself, but once properly done they would work flawlessly.
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    H8glasswerk, thanks! thats what I needed to know. Will let you you know how it all turns out. Will also be installing keyless entry and upgrading factory door speakers.
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    the electric jack style is the best but takes more experience and the right tools,the add on to the window winder comes in a kit form and an manual for the first time do it yourself installers.make sure you get a three swich kit(2 for the drivers door and 1 for the passenger door.) spal is ok as for door locks i would just use 2 doorlock actuators and 2 relays(relays in the kick panel)please check to see if the door grommet is open and not molex plug.lmk