93 Ford Explorer Keyless Entry problem

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    Whats up guys. I put in my old Hornet 564t Alarm/remote start combo in my 93 explorer today.. I got everything working smoothly expect the doorlocks!!. I spent more time messing with the locks then it took me to wire everything else up. When i was testing the lock\unlock wires with my test light they were resting @ ground and getting a pulse of positive when you lock or unlocked the doors.. Pink/yellow was Lock wire and Pink/green was unlock wire.. when you locked the doors via the switch on the actual door, the lock wire went hot then back to ground.. When you hit unlock pink/green went hot then back to ground upon releasing the button... When i wired this up i just used two spdt relays. Both which sent a hot from a constant 12v from the vehicle to one of the wires depending on whether i hit lock or unlock.. The MOST i could get out of it was you could hear the locks TRY to move but didnt get far. But once you tried it again they wouldnt even move. I tested the relays and they were working fine.. I dont know what the problem is here.. I did go to school for installs but its been at least 2 years since ive put one in..So any help would be greatly appreciated.
    I used a wire guide from Direct techs and it said the polarity of those wires was "5wi". Like i said im a bit rusty and have no idea what that means!!.
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    Im not familiar with that system, but I know most DEI systems are capable of supplying either (+) or (-) door locks. Read the installation manual.

    If you see something like this about the door locks then you dont need relays unless the vehicle requires something special with the door locks.

    1 light blue (-) unlock output (+) lock

    2 Empty Not used

    3 green (-) lock (+) unlock output
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    DMP You confused me

    Fbmowner, the power lock system the Ford uses is called a 5-wire and you will need two relays. One for lock and one for unlock

    MAKE SURE YOU USE A FUSE. You need a constant +12volt source on pins 87 and 86. Pin 85 goes to your alarms negative trigger wire.

    Now the hard part, cut the pink/green and the pink yellow and hook them to the relays. The pink/yellow will go to the Lock relay and the Pink/green will go to the unlock relay. The side that goes to the switch goes to pin 87A. The side that goes to the lock motor goes to pin 30.

    If you reverse the motor and the switch wires and you used a fuse it will blow the fuse. No problem, reverse the wires and replace the fuse.
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    An easy way to test to see if its the switch side, cut just one wire not both, lets pick the lock wire. Cut it, then with a volt meter see which side reads 12volts when you press the lock switch. Thats the switch side, the other is the motor side
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    Ranger, thank you very much!! I understand it now. Its almost (sort of) but not really like a starter kill lol.. So i ALMOST had it rite today except i was sending 12v to both the switch and the motor which is why it wasnt working. Heres what ive jotted down Basically when the relay is not active the motor and switch are closed, as soon as the alarm sends the - and activates the relay it jumps the motor to 12v , and BAM! up or down goes my locks =D. Dont worry i wont forget the fuse , i have a 12 gauge wire with a fuse inline already so that will work perfectly.. Thanks alot!


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    Also! DMP that only works if the locks have very very very low current and you can connect those green/blue wires directly to the door lock module wires.. Example being if the vehicle already has a factory keyless entry.
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    And to be on the safe side we always use relays (unless the alarm has built in relays). It prevents a lot of problems

    I Put My Relays in the Passenger door

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    I said a vehicle doesnt require relays unless its a different kind of door lock system and/or the keyless entry system doesnt have the right lock/unlock outputs for the car. Other wise, you can just connect the wires from the keyless entry system directly to the door lock wires on the vehicle.

    I didnt know Ford uses a 5-wire lock system......

    It doesnt matter if the vehicle has factory keyless entry or not. I used to work at a Honda dealership installing.....never wired in relays for the door locks. Never had a problem either. I installed Audiovox, DEI, and Omega systems. Ive worked on alot more vehicles too. I dont ever remember working on a Ford, so I cant say anything about working on them. Too me it seemed like it doesnt require any relays when I first read your problem. I looked at a tech sheet and it didnt look like anything special is required, but I know you cant always rely on the tech sheet. Always test first.

    The last time I wired in relays for the door locks was on a Monte Carlo, but that was because it has a single wire lock/unlock system.
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    Ok so I missed a "note" on the Audiovox tech sheet. It says "Rev".

    Anyways, I know you figured out the problem already. This looks like the diagram you need for the 5-wire system.

    Maybe someone else will look at this and will help them in the future.