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  1. Luna Mick

    Luna Mick Member

    hi all im after some help .. i want to build a slot box incorporating 3x12" 800w mt1207 mutant subs

    i know there not the best subs but its what i have for the moment

    total box size max tuned to 32/35hz if possible
    BASE=L,1270/W,510MM OR 50"/20"
    FRONT=L,1270/W,445 OR 50"/17,1/4"
    TOP=L,1270/W,370 OR 50/14,1/4"
    REAR ANGLE 71*
    REAR PEICE L,1270/W,455 OR 50"/18"
    this is the external size!!!!

    i work in mm normally but looking at forum i c you use inches

    i can increase the height by 50mm with a 50mm step in from a strut brace to the top rear of the box . im no good at math so calculating volume etc to get port length is beyond me


    iv built a couple boxes before using the 12"/12" box for a 12" sub

    but i want to make this a slot box can any one shine any light my way

    used google sketch up to quickly show you what i want http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/details?mid=69c45bfee52d420b547c7b1f139b9019

    i know it needs baffles and ignore the two cut outs on the top .i was thinking of making it with 5 subs originally but the other 2 i have aren't matching so three it is .

    like i say any help or if some one could assist using sketch up that would be so awesome .. and ill even tag ya name and post pics of it in action here for others to c how this forum is awesome !!!!!!
  2. Ranger SVO

    Ranger SVO Full Member

    What is the total volume of the box?

    In cubic meters please.
  3. Luna Mick

    Luna Mick Member

    i have it to 4.91 using box calc
  4. Ranger SVO

    Ranger SVO Full Member

    OK we need to recalculate something, 4.91 cu meters is around 173 cu ft.

    Are you sure its not 4.91 cu ft???? If it is I can work with that. Well I need to study for a Graduate Research test.
  5. Luna Mick

    Luna Mick Member

    yeh 4.91 cu ft m8 thanks for the help m8 using a few forums to try and get some advice your the only one thats answered ..cheers m8 .

    looks like the box could be tagged with RANGER svo ...

    samsung 044.jpg
    the box is going in between the 2 jvc subs next to the compartment devider in the front facing the camera...(me)
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  6. Ranger SVO

    Ranger SVO Full Member

    If you use a port that has a cross sectional area of 40 sq in, then the port needs to be 13 to 14-inches long

    So a 40 sq in port can
    be 1 inch tall by 40 inches long
    or 1.5 inches tall by 26.67 inches long
    or 2 inches tall by 20 inches long
    or 3 inches tall by 13.3 inches long
  7. Luna Mick

    Luna Mick Member

    thank Ranger im going to go with the 2 inches tall by 20 inches long. i will post photos of the build and your name on it if it sounds good lol. thanks fella . mick
  8. Luna Mick

    Luna Mick Member

    grrr mutant have ruind my plans .

    ok just received email from mutant audio they recommend a 2.2ft sq box with a 4" x 13"inch port .

    which i work out to be for 3 subs a 6.56 cu ft box or 186 cu ltrs

    which i make out to be
    box calc.jpg

    so this is the plan
    32hz 3x12 sub box rear.jpg
    32hz 3x12 sub box front.jpg

    so whats my port length now and is this inside the box planed or external like my mock up??????
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  9. Luna Mick

    Luna Mick Member

    port length.jpg

    now is this in the box or external ????????????
  10. Aleksseolinks

    Aleksseolinks Active Member

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