2nd Amp.. Fuse Question

Discussion in 'General Car Audio Discussions' started by Jamesr316, Oct 29, 2004.

  1. Jamesr316

    Jamesr316 Full Member

    i just ordered a 2nd amp. the fuses on it are 25A x 2. should the inline fuse i put on it be set to 50 as well? It shouldnt ever draw above 50 right?
  2. joelsbass

    joelsbass Full Member

    I'd run a 40 personally... if your peak amp draw is 50 then the typical draw will be around 25-30... if you run a 40 you "shouldn't" blow it and it'll provide better protection for your amp... would you rather replace a 2 dollar fuse or a 200 dollar amp??
  3. Jamesr316

    Jamesr316 Full Member

    sounds good.
  4. ASM

    ASM Full Member

    The fuses on the amp are already there to protect it. The fuse on the wire is to protect your battery and the wire from burning causing a fire. It should match the length and gauge of your wire.

    40 would probably work, but if you can get a 50 or above (up to the gauge of your wire) I would do it.
  5. texcon

    texcon Full Member

    What amp did you buy?
  6. Jamesr316

    Jamesr316 Full Member

    tex! another audiobahn. A6004T i think it is. 75 x 4 @ 4 :)
  7. texcon

    texcon Full Member

    Cool, glad to see the audio system is coming along nicely. What about your next car? You still going after another 3-series?
  8. Jamesr316

    Jamesr316 Full Member

    I am. Working extra hard. HOPE to be able to purchase one within a year, but I don't know. Im actually more content with driving my 15 year old ride now that it sounds better :p