2 12" eminence Rhino subwoofers

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    i know most of you have never heard of these, they were custom made by eminence loudspeakers for a local audio shop called competitive audio, they were built to keep up with re, and dd and although they cannot handle the same power, do put out some impressive numbers. i have used these as my daily subs, and competed with them once. i was able to acheive 147.6 in a leaky ported box in the trunk of my grand am, was metered in the kick with a tl. these subs arent made anymore, but you can still get recones from eminence or competitive audio for 100.00 installed or 80.00 out the door these subs were both reconed once 3 months ago by competitve audio themselves.

    here are the t/s params i got from competitive audio:

    Qes: 0.503
    Qms: 3.206
    Qts: 0.434
    Fs: 23.165 Hz
    Vas: 59.0 liters
    Xmax: 21 mm
    Efficiency 1W/1m: 87.5 dB SPL
    Sd: 480 cm^2
    Znom: Single 2 ohm
    Pe: 1500 W
    Bl: 14.56

    they need to be in a 1.6 to 3.0ft^3 ported enclosure tuned to 32hz according to them

    These sold in the store for 329.99 each

    I am only asking 275.00 shipped (inside lower 48)

    price is for the pair, and these have absolutely NO issues, other than there a little dusty lol, they dont even know what the word "clipping" means and have always been underpowered

    Installed in my trunk w/trophy


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    Gohilla, you may want to post them on some other forums. you'll prolly get a lot of bits there. I can post them on other sites it you want but they will ask for references if you got any...
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    yea, i know, i have them on a few

    250 SHIPPED!
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    have you tried craigs list?
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    $250 shipped!! hopefully that includes box and amps and wires!!
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    These subs,

    Bring back the past i used to know. Tom made these subs at competitive audio with my father Mitch. Long time ago i shall say. The bigger versions of that sub would take an outlet and if they didnt they were thrown away. We used to test those speakers to no end. Thanks for posting them for i have not seen them in years and it put a smile on my face to see a pair of them still being used.
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    Man I have been looking for quite some time to try an find the origin of these speakers I have had a pair that I gave 200$ to what i took to be ahard up crackhead. for the better part of 10 yrs they've been mostly sitting in my garage tucked away untill recently I bought an 01 pathfinder that I have been putting a lot of time into and I thought wtf let's give um a shot...I could only guess what the specs were which is most of the reason they have been tucked away all this time so I paired um to a 1250w RMS monoblock which I have just found to be half of what there rated for if I'm reading this post right. Anyways thank you for posting the info on them it's been a long time il be contacting competitive audio for a full scoop an if you have any insight that you don't mind sharing I would love to hear it thanks again...JK...