1993 Ford Telstar Glei

Discussion in 'Automotive Electrical' started by lordcrumb, Oct 18, 2009.

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    Hi Ford owners,

    I am wanting to install my Panasonic CD player into my new (2nd hand hee hee) 1993 Ford Telstar Glei.

    Im really puzzled at the wiring though, several different sites have different colour setups.

    if anyone could tell me what the following wires are, that would be so cool, I thought I had the speakers sorted, but thought i would post a thread here first. I've already blown one fuse trying to figure out the Battery and ACC lol...

    Big Thick Cable - Black w/Blue (in its own encased tube)
    Yellow w/Green
    Green w/Orange
    Green w/Black
    Blue w/White
    Blue w/Green
    Blue /w Brownish Orange (could be brown or a faded Orange...)
    Blue w/Red
    Red w/Green

    I dont have a powered antenna, just a manual pull-up. Im trying to hook it up to a Panasonic RX300w. An adapter is out of the question, as the original plugs to the original tape-deck have been cut off by previous owner..
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    I have nothing that lists that model Ford. So the only thing left would be to use a digital volt meter and test the wires.