0 gauge welding cables

Discussion in 'Automotive Electrical' started by cccullen, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. cccullen

    cccullen Full Member

    Just wondering if you advise using welding cables instead of 0/1 gauge car audio wires. I know i can that a lot cheaper than the car audio 0 gauge.

    would it work just as good?
  2. fstrfvo

    fstrfvo Full Member

    Check the resistance, if better than reg cable go for it. Is it flexable enough to route through a car and is it corrosion resistant?
  3. cccullen

    cccullen Full Member

    they are corrosion resistant. I even think they are more durable than car audio 0 gauge cuz they are made to take a beating at shops.
  4. jonnyv713

    jonnyv713 The Young Gun of CAT

    u def need to check resistance because if i remember correct welding cable has really thick strands which (the way i understand) has more resistance.

    and the durableness may be a problem because that may make it very stiff and hard to route unless u r going in a straight line.
  5. cccullen

    cccullen Full Member

    I just heard that a lot of guys on ICIX are using welding cables without any problems. It cost like $8 per foot for 0/1 ga car audio wire here. That's just too expensive for me.
  6. GohillaAudio

    GohillaAudio Full Member

    welding cable will work great, you wont notice any difference in sound anyway, welding cable has just as many if not more strands that audio cable, it has to to be as flexible as it is, we we just got new leads on our welder at work a couple of months ago that are 2/0 and there more limp than that kicker "hyperflex" or whatever ****, i say go for it!
  7. cccullen

    cccullen Full Member

    Thanks Gohilla, I may give it a shot. I found out that the cables are only 2 bucks a meter. I have to check it out though, they did say it was 0ga.
  8. danracer

    danracer Full Member

    welding cable is just as good as car audio cables if not better tha a lot 0/1 cables out there they ussually have high strand count, pure copper etc...i would say go for it if u get a good deal.
  9. cccullen

    cccullen Full Member

    well that's now 3 people saying i should do it. I'm going to take a look at the cables tomorrow, if they look good then i'll buy them. thanks
  10. pedro quiroga

    pedro quiroga Well-Known Member

    i to have heard that welding cable is just as good and even more flexable.

    oh and way cheaper!!
  11. jonnyv713

    jonnyv713 The Young Gun of CAT

    dang Guys! lol now ima try to find if it is cheaper tooo