New amp v old school - is bigger but older better than new and small?

Discussion in 'Car Stereo Amplifiers' started by STEREO STU, Feb 28, 2012.


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    I am debating my amplifier options.

    I have an old Alpine 3555 4 channel amp from an old install which I can use or for ease of install I can use Alpines KTP-445 power pack?

    The power pack boasts 4x100 watts (4x45RMS), the old school 3555 boasts 50w x 4 RMS.

    My gut feeling tells me the 3555 should be the better option but maybe technology has improved so much that now the 3555's ability can be squashed into the much smaller and easier to fit power pack?

    Has anyone used the power pack or similar modern mini-amp and made a direct comparison with a 'proper' old-style amp?

  2. pedro quiroga

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    id go for the older amp. for the fact that im sure the power pack will not like anything lower than 4 ohms. maybe one day you would like to up the power and run the amp as a 2 ch, or run each channel into 2 ohms.

    also isn't that the same chip amp like in a head unit? im sure it will sound like poo when you decide to crank the vol on your fav song.