Who Here Has Thought About Canada?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Discussion' started by kennyg, Nov 15, 2004.

  1. kennyg

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    Do you believe that moving to canada is a viable opton? I think so, I'm looking into it, trying to build some research on it. Maybe 4-5 years from now, if all goes well, and shit keeps going for the worse here, the move to canada may become more immenent. I'm definitely hearing from more and more young people that canada is the place to go too, not just for drugs (I don't care about hat, I don't do drugs), but, I mean, think about it, there is no income tax, the only social security tax they have is called old age tax, and, it's ONLY there if you want it. Housing costs ar emuch lower outside of the city's than in the US, also. The no income tax thing is great, as there is only a sales tax, which is 14%. But, if you live near teh US border, you can go to the US to do your larger shopping, I know this cause, back home in Upstate NY, I was about 1.5 hours south of the canadian border, and in a city about a half hour north of me, it was full of candians doing they're shopping.
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    hmm Paying 60-70% in taxes is not might Idea of a good time..

    Health Care system may be free, but you GET WHAT YOUY PAY FOR

    Canada is not a Viable Option...

    America is still the Greatest Contry (as sad as that is) in the world
  3. kennyg

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    How do you figure you pay that much in taxes? Yes, the basic health care system is free, but, you can pay for better private insurance, either on your own, or through your employer. Also, free healthcare is much better than what I have now, and what millions in this country have now. Other than that,s eriously, what makes canada such a bad palec? It's a simpler way of life, they have no emmissions regulations for cars, so to speak. You can buy Euro-Spec cars there, whereas you can't here.
  4. The_Ancient

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    I dont pay that much, that is what you pay in canada

    How many people do you know PERSONALLY that live in canada???

    I know a few, I will not be going
  5. The_Ancient

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    and if you thinking about moving because bush was elected, well that is just retarded

    you understand that with out the USA canada will/would not exsist anyway
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    our right, I don't know anybody who personally live in canada, except a few tha browse the forums, and they seem to love it. And, yes, bus being re-elected was a small consideration for moving to canada, but, I've been thinking about this for awhile, not just recently. BTW, how do you pay 70% in taxes? I really don't get that part.

    And, yes, I know that the US has been the sole parent for canada for decades now.
  7. The_Ancient

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    canada has most social programs than most other contries, how do you think they pay for them??? BY HAVING HIGHER TAXES

    and I DO NOT PAY 70% in taxes, why do you say I am, I dont live in canada, I pay 25.4% in total Income taxes (federal,SS, Medicare, and State)

    in Canada you have a Higher Income Taxaion, 12.5% National SALES tax, plus most proviences have 10-12% sales tax on top of the national sales tax

    I think you need to research somemore
  8. kennyg

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    Ummm, no, canda has NO income taxation.
  9. The_Ancient

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    not according to the Candian Revenue Service

  10. The_Ancient

    The_Ancient Full Member

    Provincial / Territorial tax rates (combined chart) Provinces / Territories Rate(s)
    Newfoundland and Labrador 10.57% on the first $29,590 of taxable income, +
    16.16% on the next $29,590, +
    18.02% on the amount over $59,180
    Prince Edward Island 9.8% on the first $30,754 of taxable income, +
    13.8% on the next $30,755, +
    16.7% on the amount over $61,509
    Nova Scotia 8.79% on the first $29,590 of taxable income, +
    13.58% on the next $29,590, +
    15.17% on the amount over $59,180
    New Brunswick 9.68% on the first $32,183 of taxable income, +
    14.82% on the next $32,185, +
    16.52% on the next $40,280, +
    17.84% on the amount over $104,648
    Ontario 6.05% on the first $33,375 of taxable income, +
    9.15% on the next $33,377, +
    11.16% on the amount over $66,752
    Manitoba 10.9% on the first $30,544 of taxable income, +
    14% on the next $34,456, +
    17.4% on the amount over $65,000
    Saskatchewan 11% on the first $36,155 of taxable income, +
    13% on the next $67,145, +
    15% on the amount over $103,300
    Alberta 10% of taxable income
    British Columbia 6.05% on the first $32,476 of taxable income, +
    9.15% on the next $32,478, +
    11.7% on the next $9,621, +
    13.7% on the next $15,980, +
    14.7% on the amount over $90,555
    Yukon 7.04% on the first $35,000 of taxable income, +
    9.68% on the next $35,000, +
    11.44% on the next $43,804, +
    12.76% on the amount over $113,804
    Northwest Territories 7.2% on the first $33,245 of taxable income, +
    9.9% on the next $33,247, +
    11.7% on the next $41,609, +
    13.05% on the amount over $108,101
    Nunavut 4% on the first $35,000 of taxable income, +
    7% on the next $35,000, +
    9% on the next $43,804, +
    11.5% on the amount over $113,804
  11. hobbes26

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    GST - Goods and Services Tax = 7% nationwide (on most products)
    PST - Provincial Sales Tax = 7% for BC, 8% for Ontario, none in Alberta... different for each province...

    Income tax takes out a LOT of our pay - and it's getting worse for the people who earn more.

    kennyg, I don't know where you're getting the idea that there's no income tax.... someone's gotta pay for all our social services.

    There ARE emmissions and also crash-safety regulations here. We don't get some of the cars that you guys do.

    The healthcare system has it's share of problems. Like really long waiting lists for surgery, etc... You still have to pay for your prescription drugs.

    I still like it up here.
  12. The_Ancient

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    dont worry, in ww3 America will take most of the inpact but we will save a few warheads for you too :blink: :blink: :blowup: :boxing: :bye:
  13. hobbes26

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    We'll just be hiding out in our igloos, eh? :bag:
  14. sandt38

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    I have. I almost moved to Vancouver before moving to NC. I'll post more tonight.
  15. ASM

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    lol... I always kid with my Canadian friends about living in igloos.

    I've thought about it personally and I will probably be going up there in the summer for a bit, if I don't get a summer internship.