what sub to go with?

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    I have a JL audio xd600/1 on a JL W6 4 ohm speaker and I keep getting a yellow light, the sub won't play. Took the amp to the dealer I bought it from and he said the amp is fine so I suppose the speaker isn't any good. I have had the speaker for 13 months just a month over the factory warranty so I either have to pay for this one to be repaired or buy a new sub. The dealer I bought it from is recommending me to buy another sub. The sub he is recommending is a Power Bass 3XL-1202D 2ohm dual voice cool rated at 850RMS/1700peak watts. His price is $279.00 which is about what it would cost to have the JL repaired after shipping. Will my amp be powerful enough for this sub and are these subs any good? Thanks
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    Those Subs are great, but there's plenty better ones at cheaper prices. I get the same sound from two bass inferno 12" 1,500 watts. They were $48/ea on Amazon. If your protections kicking on, first I'd check your settings. Check your gain, input, and bass on the amp, and the bass output on the head unit. Small tweaks may be needed, I had to do the same on my old system. Goodluck.
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