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Discussion in 'Car Subwoofers' started by SoloX531, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. SoloX531

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    I just got a new amp rated at 3000 x 1 and I was wondering how I should wire my one sub for daily use. It's a 12" dual VC 4 ohm kicker L7. I'll be getting another one soon so If you could tell me how to wire dual subs too that'd be great
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    what amp is it?
  3. SoloX531

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    Its a Powerbass ASA 1500.1DX
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    well u can hook all the speaker leads up normally.. even when u get the 2nd one.. do u know anything about that amp? it is very dirty power and not very efficient...also it is rated at 1500rms x 1 @1ohm.. so with 2 of those l7's it will just be putting out 1500 watts.. maybe not even that.. with the one l7 it will put out 750watts rms.. or less..
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    its actually a proven fact that most speakers are blown from being under powered.. a 1 ohm load is not bad at all.. most amps are designed just for that reason.. u need to know when ur clipping. clipping is bad.. clean power at 1 ohm is good :)