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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by The_Ancient, Feb 15, 2005.

  1. The_Ancient

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    Hello Strider,

    Welcome To Car Audio Talk. Please feel free to browse around and post some to get to know others!

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  2. joelsbass

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    Welcome Strider! We're looking forward to learning from you or to teaching you, whichever the case may be!

    I'm curious, are you a Lord of the Rings fan or did the name come from somewhere else??
  3. Strider

    Strider New Member

    thanks for the welcome :), and btw i am a LOTR fan :D
  4. geolemon

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    OH, don't get me started on Lord of the Rings...

    I wanted to ask the theater for my money back... and damages to compensate me for the 3 hours they stole from my life. :rolleyes:

    Fans of the movie: anyone that read the books, that didn't need the character development that the movie virtually skipped, and had their own memories of their own imaginations at work when reading helping augment the brutally unrealistic sections of the movie.

    Critics of the movie: anyone that didn't read the books, who wondered who these midgets were, wondered why they should give a crap about any of them, and who groaned through scenes where several midgets, one fairy with a bow and arrow, and one legit warrior with a sword were able to defeat thousands upon billions of horrible evil warriors, or demons direct from hell, etc.


    I don't care if you had six REAL warriors (or however meny of them that there were)... and thousands of angry third graders... by sheer numbers, they would overwhelm them.

    And then the end of the movie... or should I say - lack of end of the movie.
    I wasted three hours of my life... because I was given a "To be continued..." at the end?
    Like I'd be back to see the next one. :rolleyes:

    For reference on how to produce a real multi-part movie - having with individual movies that are each entertaining, each with it's own distinct plot... and fantasy concepts that were actually believable, reference Star Wars. :starwars:

    Not that I'm sore, or anything. :p