Vehicle Elecrical Systems

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  1. TheViking

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    I would REALLY like to see a new thread/area on mobile elecrical sytems to discuss and educate everyone about 12volt power and the way it interacts with thier audio sytems....alternators, (opinions) of caps, wiring runs, etc......

    this is the very foundation of what drives our mobile electroncs, so i see it as a VERY important topic....

    thanks for listening.........
  2. aznboi3644

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    Yes...we do need something like this


    Run new wires or just make another run of the wire from the:

    -Alternator to the battery
    -Battery to chassis
    -Engine block to chassis/battery neg

    All done with 4 gauge preferably

    Simple...cost effective...better than buying craps

    All you need is some wire, end terminals, some tools(sockets or wrenches), vise grips(or crimpers if you wanna spend the money on em), two hands, and some time

    There's a start
  3. CadillacETC1997

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    ok guys ill pass it on to joey im sure he'll take care of it!