Too Much Bass?

Discussion in 'Car Subwoofers' started by clocke89, Mar 23, 2008.

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    This is long-ish guys, sorry about that, but here goes:

    So I drive a '96 Mustang and I'm putting together a system right now for it, and I'm not having really any problems with that part. My question is...can you reach a point where you have too much bass in your car that you damage something (windshield, losen nuts and bolts, etc)? I've heard one or two (idiots?) telling dumb stories about that kind of thing, but none seemed credible (internet-based). Sooo, is there really something I should be worrying about here regarding bass? Thanks.

    (And yeah, I've been in cars with great sound systems, and it's always sweet seeing everything vibrate and feel the bass through your whole body, but it does leave some wondering if all those vibrations can actually cause a real problem.....?)
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    I've heard all those same stories myself. My favorite one is that to much bass will change your heart rythme, leading to a heart attach.

    Seriously, your much more likely to damage your hearing then your car. With the typical box in the trunk install, you will never get near the levels needed to crack a windshield. Loosening bolts maybe, but not likely. Modern cars are put together well.

    Please post some of the better stories you've heard. I love them
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    lol, i heard one guy say he shattered the window in the car beside him. The heart attack one is good! When i was up north a year or two back i was playing my ed 18" and it was pumping hard. I picked up my mom's friend at the bus station and driving back i cranked her up. So we are driving down the highway and he gets real quite. So i look over at him and he started having a seizure or epileptic fit. Started shaking violently, arms flying all over hitting the steering wheel while i'm doing like 120 down the highway. So i had no choice but to keep going until i found a gas station and called an ambulance. Lol poor guy. Not sure what set it off, no one has known him to do this before and i was always thinking in the back of my mind it was the stereo.
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    The rear view mirror keeps falling off in the Montego we have. Small potato's, but still a pain. Going to a glass shop to have them do it this time.
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    i can remember the very first audio show i went back in 88 or 89.
    there was this chevy van with around 24 12's in it.this was the first "heavy hitter"ive ever seen and to sit in it literaly made it hard to breath in it. you can say it took my breath
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    bolts do loosen thru time in heavy shaken areas, im a diesel mechanic, and when these trucks come in for service, there always missing 4-5 bolts on there apu, i have seen a grade 8 shock bracket mount have a loose nut on it, and once in a while i will see loose battery box's. For sure makes you kinda nervious when following a semi.....the only time most of the drivers fix anything on there truck is when it comes time for there annual insp. than its only half assed.

    ANYWAY sorry for the rant, on an off topic note, my new subs broke the middle part of my spoiler, and is working on the i'll post a pic, and try to get a vid
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    On my old car, I just losened a couple of bolts where my back bumper started popping out on one side.
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    and why is this thread being dug up?
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    you can never have too much bass, even if my windshield breaks. there isn't enough bass. always room for bass, bass head for life \m/
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    lol...... :)