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    i have just installed a new sound system in my ute.
    i have replaced the stock door 4" with fusion speakers. behind seats there are 2 6x9's in boxes and a 12" sub. the 6x9s are connected to a fusion 350w amp and the sub is connected to a kenwood 600w monoblock amp.
    the set up goes: head unit straight to 4" door speakers. Then RCA from HU to the fusion amp and then from the fusion RCA output to the monoblock. the fusion has a lp,hp and normal setting which it is currently set to.

    when playing music the bass takes over the actual music and is hard to hear. if the sub is turned down there is literally no bass at all. how can I get there to be an even balance by changing hp,lp settings and sub frequencys etc?
    also would tweeters make a difference?

  2. tommy2tone

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    The monoblock amp should be set to lp,set it to 80hz and experiment from there.I would ditch the 6x9's and get a good set of components for the front.Run the fronts off of the amp you had the 6x9's on and see how it sounds.
  3. TheViking

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    Also....turn the high pass ON for the 6x9's.......sounds like a few phasing issues.......let us know what happens
  4. connerray2010

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    yea, deff throw out 6x9's and get set of comps.
  5. sharpee64

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    Hi sorry for late reply.

    I am going to get a set of components and switch for 6x9s. With the sub amp frequency I don't see any real difference changing it. What exactly am I looking for?

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    well first off ditch the 4's up front! do some customizing to fit atleast some 5 1/4's or 6 1/2's! in my oppinion your fine with 6x9's in the rear, however u need your staging to be upfront! now when u hook up your speakers in the front run them off the amp and then put the 6x9's on the deck power! so basicaly just do reverse of what u did before! u will be amazed by the differance guaranteed!