Suggestions for wireless headphones? Details inside.

Discussion in 'Home Audio Talk' started by Chaldo, Jul 24, 2006.

  1. Chaldo

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    Hey all, new to this forum, like the layout and all. I'm hoping I can get some ideas for what kind of headphones I should buy.

    I was looking at the Bose QuietComfort 3 Headphones, which blew me away! These are amazing! I know they are expensive ($349.99), but I'm willing to pay around this much to get headphones of this quality.

    I would like to know if there are other brands that have quality as superior as this, and also- with this QuietComfort 3 headphone (or any wireless headphone), is there anything additional I would need to buy for the set-up? I am planning to use these with my home TV, so I would imagine I would need a reciever of some sort.

    Thanks in advance, and if anybody needs further details, please let me know
  2. Hautewheeler

    Hautewheeler Full Member

    wow, that's a first

    I personally cannot help you, sir... I have no kung fu in the home stereo realm.:huh:
  3. aznboi3644

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    Screw headphones....I have a bose 6.1 surround sound it.
  4. CadillacETC1997

    CadillacETC1997 Well-Known Member

    infinity blows bose away

    no highs
    no lows
  5. aznboi3644

    aznboi3644 Full Member

    lol....prove it
  6. CadillacETC1997

    CadillacETC1997 Well-Known Member

    come to my house and listen

    why do you think i replaced my stock bose stereo system in my caddy with infinity kappa perfects