speaker specs and what they mean?

Discussion in 'Car Stereo Speakers' started by IMADreamer, Aug 25, 2009.

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    I did a quick search to see if there was any particular post with a list of terms and what they mean but I didn't find any. So I apologize if I've over looked them. I was thinking if there is not one maybe we could work on a list and I could keep this post updated so that maybe people in the future could find the info more easily. Plus I need to know myself. lol

    For example, I know what RMS and Peak power is but is there a spec to look at that can help determine the speakers sound quality? I know for amps if you look at the THD number the lower the less noise and therefore the cleaner/better the sound. Is there a number like that for speakers?

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    Look up Thiele Small parameters.

    Also peak power means nothing

    RMS is what counts.

    Also nowadays the ratings on amps are irrelevant to the sound.