Sony XNV-770BT

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    I'm looking to buy a Sony XNV-770BT gps head-unit. I've owned a JVC KW-AVX 706 before, but it got stolen :mad:. At first my attention was drawn to the Pioneer F30BT, but the sony is half the price and, apart from SD support, it seems to offer everything I'm looking for: mostly touch controls, as few hardware controls as possible, gps (by TomTom) and CD, DVD, usb and iPhone support.

    But to be honest, all these features for only $600 for the Sony instead of $1200 for the Pioneer seems to good to be true. I've heard that Sony wants to make a comeback on the mobile entertainment market and that's the reason why their products are priced so low, is this true? I know that Pioneer is quite expensive because of the Pioneer badge (it's expensive "because it's Pioneer")... What I've noticed on reviews though is that the Pioneer's interface reacts much faster to user input than Sony's.

    So, what I'd like to know is whether I'd be good with the Sony or whether I'd better buy the Pioneer.

    And for those who own one, could you please tell me some more? Like: what's the SQ (pre-out, I'm running an external amp), how is the equalizer (I'm saving money for a RF 360.3, but that's gotta wait a little longer :p), how is the navigation, user interface etc?

    Please tell me everything you know about this head unit ^_^