something id like to hear michael's view on

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    Im not defending civics but I do find your selection very interesting.
    Civics are geat economy cars and in my opinion the best cars in their price range.
    Booya :lol:
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    that is why I seen alot of Civic in a Ditch on the why home from my uncles Christmas eve with about 3-5 inchs of snow falling....

    ofcause it could be the fact the the only people that would buy a civic are woman and little boys that cant drive :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :DD :D :D :D :D :D
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    The only cars that were broke down were mustangs and SUV's. I seriously saw like 3 mustangs on the side of the road on my way to Rutgers when it last snowed. I did not see one civic. Im not being biased towards imports b/c I was handed down the civic but I would take a Civic SI or an Integra GSR over a mustang GT or a camaro. Imports just appeal to me more.
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    The only cars that were broke down were mustangs and SUV's. I seriously saw like 3 mustangs on the side of the road on my way to Rutgers when it last snowed. I did not see one civic. Im not being biased towards imports b/c I was handed down the civic but I would take a Civic SI or an Integra GSR over a mustang GT or a camaro. Imports just appeal to me more.[/b][/quote]
    yea but you can not take a import down the road sideways with there FWD POS drive tran

    Give me RWD or Give me Death :D
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    Mike why would I want a car that is a POS during the winter when it snows like crazy. Argue all you want but FWD will always be superior to RWD in the winter. That is why I only saw Mustangs and other RWD cars on the sides of the roads. How many times do u find yourself sliding sideways down roads anyways? Once a year? That shit eats up your tires and puts unnecessary strain on the cars chassy. I can slide sideways right now in my civic :D
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    The ONLY time I slide in the winter in my car is when I WANT to

    I was out in this shit durning it all before any of the plows were out and had NO problems

    it is Neither FWD or RWD that makes the Differance it is the DRIVER,

    in a Car the Weight is Distributed 60/40 in almost ALL cars regardless of RWD or FWD,
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    Mike Im not going to argue with you b/c Im presenting facts and you are backing up your arguments with your experiences.

    Assuming both FWD and RWD cars are driven by the same driver, the FWD will always be a better and safer ride during the winter.......End of Story
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    not True,,,,

    I can make a RWD car do what I want it to do

    you can only make a FWD car do what it wants to do

    the ONLY thing FWD is "fish tails" because on a Car any tire free spinning wants to "lead" there for if your rear tire spin they will want to get in front of the front tires and in the process it turns your car,

    FWD does not change Breaking, or any other aspect of winter driving

    so once you leard to control the "fish tail" FWD has no advantages,

    I can control my car at all times, I can litterally slide sideways as long as I want, or not slide at all,

    it is all in the DRIVER, not that car
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    WHen I started reading this thread I got so confused! I couldnt remember when we talked about this, lol. Must have been some time ago.

    There is a good video on the conspiracy of 9/11 called "Loose Change", its pretty interesting.

    Although I dont think the government was behind it, there was definetaly a lot of cover up to prevent hysteria. American people dont want to know that their country's defenses were penetrated so deeply and effectively.
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    OK well here are some thoughts.

    (BTW I was right in front of all the happenings during 9/11 at the WTC which is were I worked at the time.)

    1. I think we did know about the attacks but since the FBI and CIA are like 2 hillbilly families feuding they didn't let each other know what they knew. ( how is it they knew who was on the planes just 6 hours later and just to state PASSPORTS they say they found at the WTC site I DON"T ****ING THINK SO!)

    2. The planes. We could have shot down all (well al most all) the planes before they did any damage but the controversy of WHAT IF would have been there and then the government would have to explains themselves. (BTW the one over PA I think was shot down and covered up)

    3. The way the buildings fell. Well given the fact that NYC run buildings are not up to code and from my experience in the buildings I saw allot of **** that should have been taken care of that wasn't. And because the city was in control of the building (port authority of NYC) allot of the building codes and regulations were not met because the laws did not apply to them since it was a city agency. (Which is total BS if ask me but don’t get me started on that topic?) It's no wonder that the buildings fell the way they did and no they weren't brought down by any demolition charges it's just that the building were not even fixed the right way after the first attack (there was still construction going on from the first attack and that my friends is called union jobs taking their sweet ass time doing ****)

    4. The war. This is a joke. Well that's either money driven or a kid trying to get revenge on someone messing with his father or just both but nothing to do with the weapons BS they tried to pass on us. But you can't really call it WAR if you drop food and other things to help out the country we are at war with unless you're not sure of what we are doing there or trying to hide the real reason we are there.

    5. The government. Any one would try to cover they ass so they don't get tossed into the fire. There is allot of **** the government covers up and only lets us know what they want us to know or believe but in general they do try to pleaser everyone (everyone they think will fill their pockets) as far as the working man we get the shaft and the poor make out just as the rich (as long as they know how to work the system which most don't).

    6. The OIL. THERE IS NO OIL SHORTAGE! We have enough ail to last us for at least 15 years in storage and while we are using that they can start pumping out more oil from Texas and Alaska to replenish it. Now if we built more refineries here in the US it would really help out our economy and create more jobs. (But that would be too easy)

    7. Aid to other countries. Yea we should help out our fellow man but not if you are doing business with them and shelling out billions for that matter.

    8. Taxes. HA! An other joke. alL the taxes that are taken (mind you I said taken and not given freely to the government) are not put to the use they say the are supposed to be used for cuz they keep dipping into every out found to help out an other found that was dipped into and so on thus the one that gets shafted again is the working man (NOT THE RICH AND NOT THE POOR and we all see that)

    We live in a world where the strongest overpower the weak and we are it. It happens all over the world and will conue happening no matter what. What ever the government can't control the call ILLEGAL and what they can control the tax the **** out. I have noticed that the changes in policies and laws have affected us not only in freedom but in the way we do things which I will make one statement about and stop my blabbering.

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    As the famous tootsie pop commercial goes...

    "The world may never know"