Scott Buwalda Sound Quality Conferance Tour

Discussion in 'General Car Audio Discussions' started by fugyaself, Jan 31, 2005.

  1. fugyaself

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    I am going to attempt to attend one. I doubt I could scrounge up 10 locals to get one here in Las Vegas but I wouldnt mind driving a bit. If anyone on the west coast is interested I say we go in together and recruit what we can and just divide the savings up with everyone so we all get a discounted price.
  2. joelsbass

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    link ain't workin...
  3. fugyaself

    fugyaself Full Member

    Haha I got the link and the text reversed. Should be fixed.
  4. geolemon

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    I'm going to the one in Chicago.

    I would like to try to organize something that would bring him here to Buffalo... it might not be too hard - we'll have to see!
  5. PolkMM

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    i would love to go if they had one in houston, unfortunately $300 is too much...i have amps, sound deadening, wiring, alternator, and a new truck that needs to come first...
  6. The_spacemonkey

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    come to the detroit one.... its closer. Ill let you taste some of my homebrew :puke:
  7. geolemon

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    MDXman is trying to tell me that too...
    I thought it was like 5 hours to Detroit.. about the same as Chicago.

    Maybe that was just because last time I drove to you, it was a freaking blizzard the whole way.

    Maybe next time, I'll wire up a rental car with something BIGGER!

  8. geolemon

    geolemon Full Member

    So, Bobby... are you going then?
    I thought the topics in the list looked really interesting... but I'm an unabashed tech geek.
    For subject matter like that, $300 really isnt' bad if it's half of what is promised, IMO.
  9. The_spacemonkey

    The_spacemonkey Full Member

    First.... being that its a 5 hour drive west to chicago from HERE..... I would say its a bit closer for you to come to this one. Yahoo maps claims over 500 miles to chicago from buffalo and only around 250 miles to detroit.

    I dont know if Ill be able to afford it. Truthfully, I have access to that kind of info any time I really want it with Dave Clark and so many others in my audio group.

    I MIGHT be able to squeeeze $150, but $300 is just tough for a broke college student.