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  1. pedro quiroga

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    i met a few people at SBN in the SQ room with parts express mids and stuff.

    its in the build and how you angle them and cross them over. oh and how its eq'd as well.

    i saw a lot of hertz stuff, but those ARE pricey. stick with what you know sounds good to you. polk, infinity, JBL. those dont cost an arm and a leg.

    what sizes and how many speakers fit up front in your car?
  2. cccullen

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    Well for the front my car takes 6 3/4 or 6.5" which is a good thing, i have a lot to choose from.
  3. pedro quiroga

    pedro quiroga Well-Known Member

    nice. do a 7in mid and a real smooth sounding tweet.
  4. cccullen

    cccullen Full Member

    well, I think i may just stick with a 6/5" in the door. I really want to keep the stock look inside so i don't want to have to mess with anything. just slap some speakers in the doors and let it be done. I have spaces for tweets in the sail panels. there are tweeters there now but they really suck. the sound in the benz is OK but not good enough so I will be working on that now.

    Here are some pics of the car, sorry not the best pics, i just took them really quick this morning with my phone.

  5. Lazy Eye

    Lazy Eye Full Member

    I like the Benz man!!
    Oh and it looks really nice there, what's the weather like?
  6. pedro quiroga

    pedro quiroga Well-Known Member

    oooh very nice. i bet if you go with a nice set of whatever brand of mid range and deaden the door even more you could get some really nice bass up front.
  7. cccullen

    cccullen Full Member

    Thanks... I couldn't pass it up. it's in really great condition. it only has about 26,000 miles on it so it runs like a new car.

    weather here? dude, it's friggin hot here. Get's up in the 90's almost everyday.
  8. Lazy Eye

    Lazy Eye Full Member

    that isn't many miles at all!!
    And dude your so lucky lol, it has been sorta warm here for about a week around 65-75ish, now it's back down in the 40's and they're calling for more snow! ha it sucks
  9. cccullen

    cccullen Full Member

    I haven't even attempted to open up the door panels yet. they seem really solid so my guess is that they have some kind of deadening already in the doors. not sure though but that is my plan to deaden the front doors. I'm not even gonna bother with the rear doors.

    as it stands now, it has a 8 speaker system in it. found out there is no amp so that's a good thing for me, any changes i make will be simple so now i'm looking for a head unit too. i may do that after a while though, as the budget permits. so my first thing that i want to work on is get component speakers for the front then a sub amp.
  10. cccullen

    cccullen Full Member

    I know. that's the whole reason why i got it. it was just a garage queen most of it's life. not no more though. lol

    honestly, i miss snow. haven't seen snow since i was like 11. i'm tired of the head and the huge mosquitoes that we got here. they're brutal!
  11. Lazy Eye

    Lazy Eye Full Member

    what year is it?

    I like the snow, it's fun for a month or so.. but after a while it gets old!
  12. cccullen

    cccullen Full Member

    you wouldn't believe me. lol

    it's a 1996 model. the first model of the W210 body.

    straight 6, 3.2L
  13. slapman

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    9 speakers at da car show is jus ridiculous
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    Those are lots of shots. You really enjoyed your trip. You're also good in photography.
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    Great pics, love the VW with the tiki's.
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