Satellite Radio Opinions?

Discussion in 'DVD Navigation, Video and Mobile Media' started by Streetz, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. Streetz

    Streetz Full Member

    I'm debating on whether to get Sirius satellite radio or not. I have everything picked out that I'm going to need (CD HU, Sirius device, car kit and home kit).

    Any of you guys have it? Is it worth the money, how's the reception, etc? What's your favorite station?

    I'm probably going to get the 1 year subscription just so I don't have to worry about bills. $13/month seems like nothing to me, but just asking about your opinions. Thanks.
  2. Tony M

    Tony M Full Member

    I have sirius. I think it's great. Listening to it right now at work.
    I don't like Howard though.
  3. a_rome

    a_rome Full Member

    If I wanted satellite radio would I need a compatable head unit? I have a stock system for my Lincoln LS
  4. Streetz

    Streetz Full Member

    I've decided to at least try it out. I'm going shopping tomorrow for Sirius, as well as some other toys for my system. I'll post updates and opinions for future referance.

    It depends on how you want to set it up.

    One way, is a setup to only have Sirius in your car. You'll need to have: Sirius ready headunit, an activated Sirius tuner (this will connect you to Sirius and no device is needed) that is compatible with your brand headunit, and then an antenna.

    Other way is to use a portable device that is available to hook into your car. You don't need a Sirius ready headunit, just a way of getting the device to connect to your radio. You can do it using an FM transmitter, or if you have AUX inputs in your head unit, use those. Either way you'll need a carkit for your device and an antenna.

    Personally I'm going the second way because I want to be able to listen to Sirius at home and work. Hope I didn't make the options too confusing because it's actually a very easy setup.
  5. Caraudiotalk

    Caraudiotalk Administrator Staff Member

    Some head units, such as the Pioneer I have, will let you have both Sirrus and XM -
  6. Tony M

    Tony M Full Member

    Did you go on line for the free trial for your pc?

    Streetz I went the second way also. Bought a second mount to be able to put it in my wifes Caddy when we use it.
  7. Streetz

    Streetz Full Member

    Nah, I haven't gotten the free trial, I figure it's not much and if I don't like it I'll cancel it.

    Yeah, I'm going to buy 3 home mounts, one for home and work, then obviously one for the car. Actually maybe one for the car, I'd have to take a look at the mount and figure a place to mount it otherwise I can put it in the a little tray under the headunit that my cougar came with. I'll post pics of everything when I get it and also install it.
  8. clipser-gs-t

    clipser-gs-t Full Member

    I have sirius in one of my cars, and xm in the other. Definatly worth the money, when you're sick of listening to the same sh1t. I find the reception is perfect everywhere except in tunnels, under alot of trees overhanging the road, and under the roof at gas stations. My favorite channels are 27 heartattack, Octane, and shade 45, on sirius. And raw on xm.

    Yeah, it seems most newer alpine h/u's are just satelite ready too.

    Once you subscribe, you get to listen online for free, which is nice.

    I like sirius more because it has more selection of the music i like (rap/rock/metal)
  9. adikted

    adikted New Member

    I have sirius satellite and am extremely dissapointed with it. I don't know if it makes a difference if you have nice speakers and stuff in your car but I do and the sound quality of sirius is horrible. It sounds almost like a real player download would. It's not horrible, but I can defo tell a difference. If you have a system in your car I would maybe try XM to see if it's any better.
  10. Caraudiotalk

    Caraudiotalk Administrator Staff Member

    Im thrilled with the XM reception and quality. I rarelylisten to regular radio anymore.
  11. Streetz

    Streetz Full Member

    Well I picked up Sirius yesterday with the Starmate Replay device. I must say, so far (only been 24 hours), that I'm dissappointed. While driving in my car, I can't drive for one minute without the damn thing cutting out and say "Acquiring Signal". Weather wasn't too good yesterday so I'm hoping that played a big part in the problem. The channels however are awesome and have only been able to briefly play some howard stern.

    I'm going to keep testing it the next week. If the signal doesn't become better I'm going to move the antenna and hope that plays a part in the problem. If the signal becomes good then I know I'm going to enjoy Sirius. Only time will tell. I'll post updates and pics as they come.
  12. clipser-gs-t

    clipser-gs-t Full Member

    Which unit did you get? Starmate replay, Sirius One, Sportster replay, Streamer replay?


    I had an xm unit running off of a jvc h/u and it sounded like garbage. I then bought a satelite ready h/u with sirius direct, and the difference was amazing. If it is one of the above units, i would suggest sirius direct adapter if you have a satelite ready h/u.

    I have it in one of my cars. XM direct adapter to my satelite ready h/u. Sounds just like cd quality.
  13. clipser-gs-t

    clipser-gs-t Full Member

    Where is the antenna installed right now?
  14. Streetz

    Streetz Full Member

    Right now it's on my rear deck, which should be absolutly no problem. Hell, I don't even get signal in my room with the antenna by the window. My boss has Sirius as well, he said that he basically had the same problem and called Sirius. They reactivated it to realign the signal with the satellite or something. Going to call them tonight to see if they'll do that with me.
  15. clipser-gs-t

    clipser-gs-t Full Member

    on the rear dash , or trunk?
  16. Streetz

    Streetz Full Member

    Rear deck = rear dash. ;)
  17. clipser-gs-t

    clipser-gs-t Full Member

    The antenna is not supposed to be near the window.
  18. Streetz

    Streetz Full Member

    I called Sirius last night, man what a joke those people are. I was ****ing off the guy because I was explaining why his "diagnosis" isn't right. First he told me the antenna was bad, then he told me the device itself was bad. Last but not least he told me that Sirius was doing upgrades on the satellites and Chicago's area was going through the updates. Which was crap because 1, it doesn't keep the signal from going out, the upgrade is for the devices, 2, the updates weren't going to happen until this morning.

    I briefly played with the antenna this morning and found a good spot where I get good reception, and last night I finally found one tiny spot on my windowsill in my room to put the home antenna to get the smallest bit of signal so it doesn't cut out.

    So for the time being I'm happy again, just wish it wasn't such a pain in the ass to aim the antenna just right to get signal. Tomorrow will be the real test in my car since I have to drive in to work. If all goes well and I get no cut-outs or very few I will stick with it. Wish me luck :rolleyes:

    I'm aware that "technically" the antenna isn't supposed to be near a window for the car. But 99% of people don't have a problem. But there's no way in hell I'm going to wire that thing and have it sit on the outside of my car. 1 it looks retarded, 2 it can get stolen (not sure who would want to steal it, but it's happened) and 3 lets tell the whole world I have Sirius even though I carry the Starmate with me.
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  19. NeverwaY

    NeverwaY Full Member

    MY opinion: screw SatRad. I got a very small notebook and put it in my car (Dell Inspiron 300m.) It has about 5000 MP3s, who needs SatRad? And i KNOW that i'll be hearing a song or comedy skit that i like.
  20. clipser-gs-t

    clipser-gs-t Full Member

    True, but i don't think i speak for myself when i say it's nice to listen to something different once in a while.