Reverse Camera Issue with Voltage

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    I have a clarion nx500 deck in a 2006 VW Jetta. Ive also added a pyle plcm18bc reverse camera. Ive got camera grounded and tapped into reverse light for power. With car OFF camera works flawlessly. Comes right on with clear picture. When car is running camera will not function or may barely flicker on. Im thinking it has do do with 12v going to camera with car off and 14.4 going to camera once the car is running. Thanks for any help you guys can provide....this issue has me lost as far as a fix goes......
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    TTT...anyone got an idea?
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    That's an interesting problem.

    You should probably buy a cheap digital multimeter for about $10, and check the voltages when the car is off and on.

    Maybe the alternator is putting out too many volts like 16+?
    I'd check voltages at the battery and the alternator if there is anything weird going on at the reverse light & camera inputs.

    Or maybe it's an electrical noise problem? In which case a multimeter probably won't be of any help unfortunately... but if you have a spare power filter, you could try hooking that up in line with the camera power supply as a test.

    If it's simply a case of the camera not liking more than 12v, well then you can hook up a 12v regulator to the camera's input.
    This is cheap and easy to do, but you'll need a soldering iron.
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    It is improbable.

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