relay/isolator ground location

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    I've been searching this great site but can't find what I'm looking, please forgive me if this has already been solved. I am installing amp/second battery in trunk. I followed all recommendations regarding proper fuse ratings, locations and proximity to batteries, 0 ga cable, soldered not crimped connections, BIG three upgrade, component location, HO alternator and all that. My question is "can I ground relay/isolator on the same chassis bolt where the amp ground is?" and "can I connect the relay power lead to the amp remote turn on slot on the amp?" I have the amp remote turn on connected to my power antenna that only comes on when I turn on the radio. Thanks for any intelligent input/advice and not pent up personal ill feelings of sarcasm and criticism which I have read on this and other sites. I just want an answer and some advice man!! Mine is 1998 Cadillac Deville. Thanks again. I respect the expert knowledge and experience contained herein this site.