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  1. Fish Chris

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    Pedro, I know you have a 5 channel amp that you seem to be quite pleased with.
    Meanwhile, I'm seriously considering the Rockford "25 to life" 1400wt 5 channel amp for my upcoming system.

    But I've heard quite a few people recommending "against" amps that are any more than 2 ch. I'm thinking that maybe back in the day, their were a lot of amp companies who tried to do "too much, with too little" and maybe this is what a lot of people still remember.

    Another thing I find odd; Every single review I have found for the RF 25 to life, 1400wt amp, is anywhere from 4 1/2 to 5 out of 5 stars ! However the amp came out more than a year ago (maybe 2 ?) as a limited edition (only 2500 made) and yet, instead of being completely sold out, several companies still have them in stock, at greatly reduced prices ?

    Is this, in reality, a great amp, that people are giving the cold shoulder, simply based on outdated, preconcieved opinions ? Or is their really problems with this 5 ch amp, which I have just missed, in all of the reviews I've been able to find ???

  2. aznboi3644

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    there is nothing wrong with amps with more than 2 channels.
  3. CadillacETC1997

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    ^ truth
    how else do you power 4 interior speakers other than at least a 4 channel
    2 2 channels is pointless and extra unneeded clutter
  4. pedro quiroga

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    my guess is that most people dont buy 5 ch amps cause they want a retarded amount of power for subbass,and a 5 ch's sub section can only put out so much.

    i went to another show and did a 138.5 before my sub cut out. oops i guess i turned it up too loud too fast.the sub out just shut down. since they let me meter it for free i didnt want to abuse the privilege and didnt try another pass. my guess is that i could have done a 139 or more.

    it was fine after i powered down and turned it back on.

    also may have used a wrong cd track.
  5. Fish Chris

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    Thanks guys....

    True Cadillac, but even the guys that don't mind using a 4 ch amps for front left and right + rear left and right, still often want that HUGE mono sub amp.

    I think Pedro is probably right when he said
    Now I think my RF 25 to life, rated at 600wt into 2 ohms X 1 for the sub channel (although many say that it WAY underated, and actually puts out closer to 800 to 900wts) should be plenty for two ED 13Kv.2 Subwoofers. Least wise, I think it will do well with the mids + highs I plan to run.

    Sure 10,000wts to six 15"s would be great ! .....but then I'd need a lot more in the mids and highs, as well.

  6. jonnyv713

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    Oh ya, 400RMS for each 13kv.2 is plenty. I got mine today and put 1%0ishRMS per sub and it was slappin when i wasnt even pushing them! They really rattled the trunk of the Ol' Jag!
  7. cccullen

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  8. jonnyv713

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    i took one but you cant really hear it or see it lol. i did it with my fone and it kinda sucks. I already took the subs out. it discourages me and makes me wanna crank it up hard but i know i shouldnt! AND my neighbors will call the cops on me AGAIN! Ya, thats right, i had a po po at my front door thursday!
  9. cccullen

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    lol. you don't need anymore trouble with the po po anymore. OH, i'll finally post some vids within the week of my set up. I made a new box so i want to do 2 vids for a comparison. gimme til friday and I'll have them done. I'm still finishing up my box and I'll install the subs within the week.

    Oh, sold the wifes CRV already. took the set up out of it. We just settled for a little '07 Mazda 3 2.0L R. cute little ricer. I'm more concerned with the gas and this little car does awesome on gas. very low mileage, not a scratch on it. came stock with 17's. it was lowered and had 18's on it but the wifey didn't want the mags.
  10. jonnyv713

    jonnyv713 The Young Gun of CAT

    No, I ABSOLUTLEY DONT! I guess the HT setup is pretty wicked if it woke up my neighbors. The cop actually said he doesnt have a problem with it, the neighbors are just tryin to start sh*t. It was actually the same cop who arrested me for the robbery thing lol.