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  1. TJ05

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    Sorry if this isn't in the right section. I did a search but had no luck.

    For those that use a USB powered portable hard drive, do they automatically come on with the head unit when you start your car, or do you still have to manually turn them on?

    I'm using a Zen Vision media player as a portable drive and I have to turn the unit on in order for my Pioneer head unit to read the MP3 from it. It's not that bad, but sometimes it is frustrating when I forget to turn it on before starting my Jeep (I keep it locked in my glove box).

    If the portable (WD, Seagate, etc.) drives automatically come on after the head unit, then I might look to get one. If not, I might go back to a flash based drive like a thumbdrive or something.

    Thanks for the help.
  2. Ranger SVO

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    The Western Digital Passport gets its power from the USB port. So yes it does. But I will double check that. I'll hook mine back up tomorrow and get back with you. Now remember I am old amd slow, so you might have to remind me.
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    Go to forum. Get any PC question answered there.
  4. pedro quiroga

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    mine powers up when i turn on my i would imagine it will with your headunit